2022 Primary Election: Idaho State Senate District 14 | national news

The description: Members of the Idaho Senate serve two-year terms and are responsible for translating the public will into public policy for the state, levying taxes, appropriating public funds, and overseeing the administration of agencies. of State. These responsibilities are fulfilled through the legislative process — laws passed by elected representatives of the people, legislators.

Katie Donahue

To party: Republican

Q: What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

A: -no answer-

C. Scott Grow

To party: Republican

Address: 4250 W. Sugarberry Ct., Eagle ID, 83616

Campaign phone: 208-870-4000

Website: CScottGrowForIdaho.com

Facebook page: CScottGrowforIdaho

Facebook: CScottGrowForIdaho

Campaign website: CScottGrowForIdaho.com

Facebook campaign: CScottGrowForIdaho

Q: What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

A: Homeowners are frustrated with the rapid increase in property taxes on their homes. In the last legislative session, I co-sponsored HB741, which would have given unprecedented tax relief to homeowners in Idaho. As it was late in the session, the bill did not pass. If passed, the bill would have eliminated all property taxes on owner-occupied homes except for bonds and school levies, which local voters approve of. The result would be a reduction in property taxes for homeowners by 65% ​​to 75%. From now until the next legislative session, I will work with stakeholders to secure their input and support. In the next Parliament, I will introduce this bill at the start of the session and work to get it passed.

Q: What experience prepared you for this position?

A: My professional career has been as a CPA, business consultant and investment advisor. I also served two terms on the Meridian School Board (now West Ada), including as board chair.

I served two terms as a state senator from Idaho. I am vice chair of the Senate Local Government and Taxation Committee, member of the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee (JFAC), and member of the Economic Outlook Committee. In these positions, I work on various tax issues, forecast state revenues each year, and work on budgets for all state agencies. I sit on sub-committees that work in detail on the following major budgets: K-12 Education, Higher Education, Transportation, and Law Enforcement.

Q: What do you think are the biggest challenges facing Idaho that you might be able to address in this role?

A: The main concern expressed by citizens concerns the exorbitant property taxes on their residences. I also hear constant concerns expressed about traffic congestion, frustrations with our educational process, and government overreach.

I continue to fight for legislative relief for landlords as stated in the previous question.

This session we approved a budget of $1.25 billion for the Idaho Department of Transportation, a massive increase, and $200 million for local highway districts. I will continue to work to increase transportation funding to help overcome frustrations with traffic jams.

In the past year, we have passed legislation to curb government excesses. We will continue to work on these issues in future sessions.

Q: Do you want to tell voters anything else?

A: I’m originally from Idahoan. We raised our family in Meridian. I will continue to work to protect our Idaho values ​​from attack by political activists.

We have many grandchildren who attend schools in this valley. I will continue to work to provide the best possible education for our students, in the place that parents deem most appropriate for their children.

I have been a co-sponsor of pro-life education and will continue to work to protect the unborn child.

I am a strong supporter of protecting our Second Amendment rights.

I fought successfully for funds to widen Highway 16, Highway 44 and Chinden Boulevard. and extend Interstate 16 to I-84. These construction projects will soon go ahead.

I would appreciate receiving your vote.

Robert Imhof

To party: Libertarian

Address: 816 S Waterton Ave, Eagle, ID, 83616

Campaign phone: 208-252-5419

Website: robertimhoff.com

Campaign website: robertimhoff.com

Q: What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

A: – no answer –

Kirsten Faith Richardson

To party: Constitutional

Address: 4250 Valley View Ln, Emmett ID, 83617

Campaign phone: 208-365-4262

Website: ProLife-Idaho.com

Campaign website: ProLife-Idaho.com

Q: What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

A: I will vote against government growth. If a bill does not reduce spending and regulation, I will vote NO. I will sponsor legislation that will establish the legal personality of the unborn baby from fertilization (when the sperm meets the egg). Abolish baby murder. I will ask for roll-call votes on everything and I will complain, very loudly, if bills are laid on the President’s desk and not voted on. We must be accountable.

Kirsten Faith Richardson.jpg

Q: What experience prepared you for this position?

A: This is my eighth time running for the state legislature.

I homeschooled my eight children. I pay attention to what is happening in our culture and our government. I don’t like to be deceived. I study health issues every day. The Covid shot is harmful and many people have been fooled by fake pharmaceutical science. Prisons, jails, institutions and schools need healthier food.

Q: What do you think are the biggest challenges facing Idaho that you might be able to address in this role?

A: The legislature must cut spending so we can cut taxes. I am for more “e-learning at home”. We can reduce property taxes by reducing spending on education. We should never have voted to expand Medicaid under Otter. We need to get government out of health care.

Q: Do you want to tell voters anything else?

A: Transgender should be illegal at any age. It should be illegal to perform trans surgeries and take transgender chemicals in Idaho.

Both Republicans and Democrats are socialist parties. We need more third-party, non-socialist, Christian constitutionalists. Every RINO deserves a Constitution Party challenger. Most Idaho attorneys are selfish and fearful, so they don’t challenge sitting judges. This creates judges who are not sympathetic to poor and average citizens. I have a very detailed website, ProLife-Idaho.com, which I share with my husband, Pro-Life, a candidate for lieutenant governor. We suggest you vote on primary day for Janice McGeachin, Priscilla Giddings, Raul Labrador, Dorothy Moon and Branden Durst.

Steven Thayn

To party: Republican

Address: 5655 Hillview Road, Emmett ID, 83617

Website: stevenhayn.com

Campaign website: thaynforsenate.com

Q: What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

A: Continue to champion parental choice within the public school system. It is the responsibility of parents to see their children receive an education. I am the author of the Advanced Opportunities program which provides a voucher to school for all students from grade 7. It is the largest school choice program in Idaho.

Steven Thayn.jpg

I also wrote the Innovative Classrooms Act which allows parents to have a greater voice in choosing an alternative curriculum.

And, the Self-Directed Learning Act which rewards motivated students.

Although most of my successes have been in education, I have also crafted a law for primary care and health savings accounts for state employees in the hope that everyone in the Idaho may, at some point, have an HSA.

Q: What experience prepared you for this position?

A: I am a father, grandfather, small entrepreneur, former dairy farmer and teacher.

I have served in the Legislative Assembly for 16 years and currently serve as Chair of the Senate Education Committee.

I believe in respectful dialogue. I listen to those with different opinions and try to find common ground rather than focusing on differences. I’d like to think I’m capable of honestly expressing my opinion in a straightforward way, and then expect those who disagree to do the same in a respectful way in an effort to find a better solution than either position before the conversation begins.

Q: What do you think are the biggest challenges facing Idaho that you might be able to address in this role?

A: I see the descent into tribalism as our biggest problem. If we let the loudest and most confrontational voices dominate the conversation, we won’t solve our problems. Any problem can be solved if we strive to find win-win solutions that empower families.

As a society, we have become too dependent on government solutions to social problems by creating more government programs. However, there is another way. We can start investing and building the capacity of family units to solve our problems. It is by strengthening individuals that society is strengthened, not by strengthening the capacities of the state. The most stable and productive individuals come from stable family units, but we ignore the data.

Q: Do you want to tell voters anything else?

A: I have been able to work with organizations, groups and individuals across the political spectrum, from the IEA (teachers union) to the Farm Bureau. My only requirement is that we agree to solve problems by allowing people to make choices. Cicero taught that “the law is not a product of human thought, nor a promulgation of the peoples, but something eternal which governs the whole universe by its wisdom in command and prohibition. Nor is it one law in Rome and another in Athens, one law today and another later; but the same law, eternal and immutable, will bind all nations and all times.

This natural law that unites all of humanity can only be discovered through respectful dialogue.

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