3.35 billion euros to propel 55 new projects in Greece – Greek City Times

The Greek government has included 55 projects in the Recovery and Resilience Facility worth € 3.35 billion following their approval by Deputy Finance Minister Theodoros Skylakakis.

The “Greece 2.0” national recovery and resilience plan was in full swing, with new projects added regularly.

A total of 48 projects, worth € 2.76 billion, were included in the plan, 12 (€ 1.42 billion) in July 2021 and the remaining 36 (€ 1.34 billion) in October 2021.

With the inclusion of the 55 projects, the total budget of the 103 projects to be implemented through the Recovery Fund exceeds 6 billion euros.

The 55 projects focus on the green transition, the digital transition, employment, skills, social cohesion, private investments and the transformation of the economy.

The Greek government has also included a number of reforms necessary for the implementation of investments in the Stimulus Fund.

These include a modernization and simplification of labor law, the installation and operation of electric car battery recharges, a reform of waste management, a simplification of the tax legislation, the fight against energy poverty and a new legislative framework to promote partnerships and mergers between companies.

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