$785 Billion – Agriculture and Water Market Adaptive to Climate Change in 2026, Says New Report

Vectors of agriculture and water market segmentation adapted to climate change

IPCC 2022 The impact of temperature change on water security by region (Source: IPCC report of February 28, 2022)

The 1st report that presents a bottom-up analysis of hundreds (316) agriculture and water sub-markets adapted to climate change

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, July 3, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The new market report (390 pages, 254 tables and figures) published by HSRC, Climate Change Adaptive Agriculture and Water Market & Technologies – 2022-2030 – With Corona & COP26 Impacts, concludes that the 2022-2030 market growth is driven by the following factors:

• Enthusiasm from end users, governments and investors for funding climate change adaptation projects in agriculture and water is substantial and growing
• The invasion of Ukraine increased the cost of natural gas and oil prices drove up heating bills. Similarly, the cost of transport increases as fuel becomes more expensive, leading to greater investment in climate change mitigation.
• Heat waves from May to June 2022, which affected more than 500 million people worldwide, led the public and the government to understand that climate change must be addressed as soon as possible
• Availability of key agriculture and water technologies adaptive to climate change, and improving their cost-performance ratio at a rapid pace
• Multi-trillion business opportunities that showcase the climate change adaptive agriculture and water market
• Unprecedented public support (>60%), which pushes governments and the private sector to invest in the green revolution
• Government grants and investments

The report contains an in-depth analysis of 11 technologies, 5 regional markets, 5 revenue sources and 60 national markets, detailing 316 markets.

According to the report:
• US, EU and China will spend >55% of global spending
• Many overlook markets for climate-adaptive agriculture and water (e.g. desalination plants, precision agriculture, water infrastructure, precision agriculture, regenerative agriculture, infrastructure climate-adaptive hydraulics, water reclamation systems, precision irrigation, climate-adaptive agriculture, etc.)

What does the report Climate Change Adaptive Agriculture and Water Market & Technologies – 2022-2030 – With Corona & COP26 Impacts bring you?

A. The climate change adaptive agriculture and water market size data is analyzed from four independent perspectives.

1. Within 11 years Agriculture and water technologies adapted to climate change:
• Bioremediation
• Waste-to-energy plants
• Low carbon fuel manufacturing plants
• Precision farming
• Regenerative agriculture
• Water infrastructure adapted to the climate
• Water recovery systems
• Precision irrigation
• Desalination plants
• Agriculture adapted to the climate
• Reforestation

2. By 5 revenue-generating markets:
• Infrastructure
• Product sales
• Maintenance
• Upgrades
• Other

3. By 5 Regional Markets:
• North America
• Latin America
• Europe
• Middle East and Africa
• Asia Pacific

4. By 60 national markets:
United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Rest of Latin America, Austria, Belarus Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Rest of Europe, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Israel , Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, South Africa Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Rest of MEA, Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Rest of Asia-Pacific

B. Detailed market analysis frameworks are provided, including:
• Market drivers and inhibitors
• Professional opportunities
• SWOT analysis
• Competitive analysis
• Working environment
• The market 2020-2030
• Industry value chain
• Financing and loans
• Government funding for R&D

C. Companies named in the report:
Abengoa, Acciona, Aerobotics, Ag Leader Technology, AGCO Corporation, AgJunction, Inc., Alfa Laval, Alter Eco Americas Inc, Altogen Labs, Ameret Llc, Amii Sp. z oo, Aquaphor, Aquatech International, Barchemicals, Bentley Systems, Berghof Membrane Technology, Berluto Armaturen GmbH, Bernardinello Engineering Spa, Bertfelt Teknik AB, bestUV BV, Binder Engineering BV, Bioactive Services Inc., BioEnTech, Bio-Microbics, Inc., Bioremediation Consulting Inc., Bioremediation Services Inc., Bioremedy Pty. Ltd., Biotek Environmental Science Ltd., BIO-UV Group, Biwater, Blount International, Blücher GmbH, Blue Foot Membranes NV, Bluebird Grain Farms, BLUEMATER SA, Blupura, BML METAL MANUFACTORY CO., LTD, Bokju Co., Ltd. , Bona Water Purification, Borg & Overström, Bosman Watermanagement BV, Buckman Laboratories International Inc, Cadagua, Cargill, Inc, Carus Corp., Caterpillar, Changzhou Boyuan Plastic Co., Ltd., CropMetrics LLC, DAGAGA Co., Ltd., Danone SA , Deere & Company, Deere and Company, Degremont Sas, Doosan Heavy Industries, Doosan Infracore, Dow, DroneSeed, Drylet Llc, Eco Blue Bioremediation Canada, Ecolab Engineering GmbH, Ecolog, E&G Inc., Emerso, Envirogen Technologies Inc., Evoque Water Technologies, Ferrovial, Fisia Italimpianti, Fiton Group, Fluence, FPZ SPA, Gebrüder Heyl Vertriebsgesellschaft für innovator Wasseraufbereitung mbH, General Electric, General Mills Inc., Genesis Water Technologies, Geovation Engineering PC, Grounded South Africa, Haining BEISHI Envir onment Protection Technology CO., LTD, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Hitachi Zosen Corporation, Hitachi, Ecoprog GmbH, Hyflux Ltd, IDE Technologies, Insight Robotics, Integrated Forest Management, Ivey International Inc., Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. , JRW Bioremediation Llc, Kankyo Cleantech Llp, Koch Membrane Systems, Koch Separation Solutions, Komatsu Forest AB , Lambda Bioremediation Systems Inc., Lindsay Corporation, Livingcare Co., Ltd., Makona Hardware And Industrial (Pty.) Ltd., Metito, Microgen Biotech Ltd., Nelson Irrigation Corporation, Nestlé SA, Netafim Ltd., New Leaf Tree Syrups, Oil Spill Eater International Corp., Pall Corporation, P ingluo Baojun Charbon Actif Co., Ltd. | China, POLTANK SAU, Ponsse, Probiosphere Inc., QM Environmental International BV, Quantum Spatial, Rain Bird Corporation, Raven Industries, Regen AG, Reinke Manufacturer, Renovagen Ltd., Rivulis Irrigation Ltd., RNAS Remediation Products, Rottne Industri AB, Safbon Water Technology, Sampo Rosenlew, Sevenson Environmental Services Inc., Shandong Sukahan Bio-Technology Co. Ltd., SHENZHEN FONTUS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., Siemens, Silvere, Soil Capital Ltd., SPC Biomicrogel Company Ltd., SUEZ, Suez Environnement SA, Sustainable Bioremediation and Phytoremediation Operations, The Toro Company, Tigercat, Topcon Corporation, Treemetrics, Treevia Forest Technologies, Trident Environmental Llc, Trimble, VEOLIA, Veolia Water Technologies Techno Center Netherlands BV, Verde Environmental Group, WABAG, Water Care Filter srl, WETICO , XYLEM, Zhuhai Wangyang water treatment equipment

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