AFTER HOURS: Manos Nikolakis, GM, BIC Cello India


THE STATIONERY INDUSTRY is interesting. People use stationery products daily, in one way or another, regardless of their profession or situation in life. I particularly like the importance that stationery and writing instruments have in children and in their education. The availability of a wide range of stationery products helps them learn and stimulates their creativity. Choosing stationery also helps children retain interest in learning new ideas, new concepts and acquiring new skills in addition to improving their motor skills.

The days of the week

I’m always the first to wake up, and I appreciate that because it allows me to have “me time”, especially since my days are usually long and busy. I start the day with a cup of coffee and catch up on the news. I also often listen to my favorite Greek radio station. This time I receive the morning that centers me and helps me prepare to approach each day as a new adventure. I drop my kids off at school every day, a tradition I appreciate because it helps us connect even more. My day at work then begins as I head to the office for an early start.

I try to play tennis with friends after work whenever possible, after which I go home. Family time over dinner is a ritual that I cherish and respect, as I can catch up with the kids on how their day is going and their accomplishments at school.

The weekend

My ideal weekend is one where I can relax and unwind. I play tennis with friends on the weekends and take my children to their sports lessons. Evenings are often used to socialize with friends, mostly at home over a good meal and good wine. Alternatively, we catch up on Netflix shows as a family. Currently we are watching The Last Kingdom.


I always keep my phone near me. I rely on it to stay connected with people and updated socially and professionally. I also use my phone to listen to my favorite tracks on Spotify.

The logos

I am a sports lover! One of my favorite logos is that of the Olympic Games. I admire her for what she stands for and stands for. The Greek heritage of the Olympics, the values ​​of fair play, respect for others, sportsmanship, balance between mind and body and the pursuit of excellence are principles that fully resonate with me. and my values. From a consumer perspective, I love the BIC Cello brand because I literally can’t write with any other pen!

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