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TORONTO – On March 1, 2021, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Canada released a statement to recognize and celebrate Hellenic Heritage Month. This important annual initiative, led by the hard work and dedication of Ontario MP Effie Triantafilopoulos, is an opportunity for Canadians of Hellenic descent to pay homage to the motherland, to Greece, as well as to recognize and honor the Canadians of Greek descent who are benefactors of the Church in Canada, along with others who have left a legacy in their community.

There are thousands of people in the history of the Hellenic people in Canada who deserve mention, so making a short list risks missing people who should be included. The Archdiocese chose these individuals as a sample to be honored for their individual contributions and at the same time to represent all outstanding Greek Canadians throughout history.

Greeks in Canada have made and continue to contribute significantly to the social fabric, economic growth and civil society from coast to coast to coast. From governance and justice to business and the economy; from art, communication and education, Canadians of Greek descent have left a permanent imprint on countless sectors of Canadian society. In a statement, it was said: “As we commemorate 200 years of Greek independence, let us come together to celebrate these people and renew our commitment to Hellenic ideals and our Orthodox faith so that we may grow, prosper and contribute. fr Canadians of Greek descent in this wonderful and blessed country. “

The winners, living and deceased, include:

Ernie Afaganis, also known as “The Greek”, began covering the Edmonton Eskimos in 1953. He moved to CBC-TV in 1963 and until 1980 was the network host for their coverage of the western league.

Alex Anthopoulos is a professional baseball executive, currently working as general manager and president of baseball operations for the Atlanta Braves.

The late Andreas Apostolopoulos was born in Kalamata, Greece, and emigrated to Canada in 1969. He started out as a laborer and janitor, becoming the owner of small service and manufacturing businesses, eventually paving the way for commercial real estate investment and development. redevelopment.

John Michael Christodoulou is one of the greatest benefactors of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Canada. The founder of the Patriarchal Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy, Christodoulou also purchased the current headquarters building of the Archdiocese in Toronto.

Dimitri Dimakopoulos was born in Athens and arrived in Canada in the late 1940s and would go on to become a prominent 20th century Canadian architect.

Diana Drombolis was a teacher by training who dedicated her life to the Orthodox faith and Christian principles.

Petros (Peter) A. Foustanellas was a distinguished family man, business owner, philanthropist, and Church benefactor in Canada. He was the founder and owner of Argos Carpets Limited, Pegasus Developments Limited, Olympia Homes and the Merivale Bowling Center.

Constantine (Cos) Georganas emigrated from Greece to Canada in 1968, where he studied economics and finance and later became a member of the Institute of Canadian Bankers.

Senator Leo Housakos was appointed to the Senate by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2008.

Hassy Kapelos is a leading Canadian political journalist and currently the host of Power & Politics on CBC News Network.

Justice Andromache Karakatsanis was appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada in October 2011.

Nick and Sofia Kogos were residents of Vancouver, who built a replica of the Parthenon in West Vancouver and dedicated it to the local municipality.

Sam Kolias is the co-founder of Boardwalk REIT and is currently its President and CEO.

His Eminence Metropolitan Athenagoras of Elaia was the first Orthodox Christian bishop residing in Canada, holding this post from 1960 to 1963.

Spyros Demosthenes Loukidelis was a first generation Canadian of Greek descent: in 1973 Loukidelis was appointed to the Ontario District Court in Sudbury and in 1990.

George Maniatis was a lawyer who emigrated from Greece to Canada and settled in St. John, New Brunswick.

Dr. Julius D. Metrakos is a Member of the Order of Canada and was Professor of Human Genetics at McGill University and Distinguished Researcher at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Cliff Missios was born in Romania, where he studied law before moving to France to continue his studies.

Constantine George (Gus) Mitges was the first Greek-Canadian MP. A veterinarian by profession, he entered politics as a member of the school board.

Dr Dimitrios Oreopoulos was a true pioneer in the study of medicine and, among countless accomplishments, founded the International Society of Geriatric Nephrology and Urology.

Phrixos B. Papachristidis, Member of the Order of Canada, from very humble beginnings, became a maritime merchant and a great philanthropist.

George Petrovas is originally from British Columbia and had a distinguished thirty-year career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Mike and Bertha Politis (brother and sister) are great benefactors of the Church in Canada.

Toula Reppas is a philanthropist, supporter of the Archdiocese, and founder of the thriving and growing Greek Orthodox day school in Ontario.

Bro. Nicholas Salamis was an orphan from Greece who came to Canada and was educated at McGill University and the University of Athens. He was ordained a Greek Orthodox priest in 1938.

Steve Stavro was a successful businessman, a grocery store owner through Knob Hill Farms, a thoroughbred racehorse owner and breeder, former owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and a renowned philanthropist.

Diane Stratas was born in Saskatoon and was the first Greek-Canadian woman elected to the House of Commons.

Teresa Stratas has sung major soprano roles in leading productions of the greatest opera companies in the world’s most renowned operas during a thirty-year career.

Gabriel Tsampalieros was a great benefactor of the Church in Canada. A distinguished businessman and entrepreneur, he has held a number of leadership positions, including that of CEO of Dinecorp Hospitality, which he co-founded in 1981.

Nick Tsatas came to Canada from Greece as an orphan and became a great entrepreneur and philanthropist.


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