Athens buildings change appearance – Subsidized exterior property renovation program begins

With the phrase “Athens wants painting because it has its years” the Municipality of Athens is launching the “Faces” program which offers subsidized work on the facades of private buildings that reach 6,000 euros for simple real estate and 7,200 euros for the neoclassical – conservable.

The program was presented to the city council by the CEO of the company “Anaplasis Athens SA” Chronis Akritidis, stressing that the whole application process has been considerably simplified as the Technical Chamber of Greece participates in all the effort to offer to engineers through its registry. while also accepting applications from citizens and businesses.

The “Faces” program has a lot in common with the corresponding program which was implemented in preparation for the Olympic Games and hundreds of properties in the capital have been painted, is expected to start in the coming weeks as the municipality of Athens wants to coincide with the “Save” program.

The applications which will be submitted on a special platform of the TEE will provide for all the works subsidized by the facades. The project budget in the first phase will amount to 1.5 million euros, while as pointed out by Mr. Akritidis, there will be additional support with its very implementation from the CRSN. For applications, the order of priority will be respected, provided that the project is completed within 5.5 months. Otherwise, the order is lost and the place is taken by the first dolphin.

Finally, it should be noted that the “Faces” program concerns exclusively private but also conservable – neoclassical properties.

George manousakakis

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