Bank of Greece: Three years after the launch of the Bank of Greece’s open data portal


10/06/2021 – Press releases

  • The ultimate goal is to unleash the full potential of open data as a driver of innovation

  • 51 datasets with more than 3,000 files

  • Annual unique visits increased by 40% and file downloads by more than 100%

The Bank of Greece’s open data portal has successfully reached three years of operation. The portal makes statistical data sets available to researchers and the general public, with the aim of ensuring easier access, greater interoperability and greater transparency. The data is available in a machine-readable format, that is, in a format that can be easily read and processed by visitors to the portal as well as by search engines (bots). Data is collected, processed and published in accordance with international open data standards. In this regard, an important step in the development of the open data portal has been its accreditation with the Silver Certificate by the Open Data Institute.

By launching its open data portal in July 2018, the Bank of Greece became one of the first central banks in the world to make data available in this way. Today, in its fourth year of operation, the open data portal continues to increase the number of visitors (with annual unique visits up 40% and file downloads over 100% since 2019), having upgraded its technical infrastructure and enriched its data set content. A total of 51 datasets are available, with over 3,000 files covering a wide range of topics, including monetary aggregates, real estate market, public finances, balance of payments, banking, gold price , etc.

In the future, the Bank of Greece, in addition to the constant enrichment of its datasets, will organize jointly with the Open Technology Alliance (GFOSS) workshops and other events to strengthen its collaboration with academic and research institutions, in order to unleash the full potential of its open data as a driver of innovation.

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