Canada just experienced second quarter of strongest population growth on record

Canada’s population growth halted at the onset of the pandemic, but it is back with fury. Statistics Canada Data from (Stat Can) shows population growth experienced the strongest second quarter on record in the fourth quarter of 2021. Estimates have now returned to pre-pandemic levels, as backlogs begin to recede. Most of this growth was concentrated in two provinces, British Columbia and Ontario.

Canada’s population growth was second highest on record

Canada’s population growth has exploded higher in the latest estimates. There are an estimated 38.44 million people in Canada in the fourth quarter of 2021, up 0.5% (190,339) from the previous quarter. Annual growth reached about 1.1% (403,433) people. As mentioned above, the quarter was the second largest in Canadian history. The only quarter for which the population increased its population was the third quarter of 2019.

An important part of the population growth is immigration, but it is not known how much. New immigrants represented 122,748 people during the overlap period. It was the biggest quarter since 1946 for immigration. However, many of those classified as immigrants were already living in Canada.

As the pandemic has dampened immigration, the country has turned to temporary residents. By converting temporary residents to permanent residents, the population gets a boost. However, this may not mean the same for some areas of analysis. One of those examples would be housing, since they were already living in the countryside. They might want more permanent searches, but not all immigrants necessarily increase the demand.

“This increase is mainly due to the fact that temporary residents already in Canada have become permanent residents and the easing of border restrictions related to COVID-19 allowing approved immigrants to come to Canada now,” says Stat Can.

Most of the population growth occurred in 2 provinces

Two provinces managed to account for the majority of the population growth, British Columbia and Ontario. British Columbia saw its population increase 0.7% (34,830 people) in the fourth quarter, or 1.9% (93,048) from a year ago. It was the second highest number of people added by a province.

Population growth of Canadian provinces

The quarterly net change in the population of Canada by province for the fourth quarter of 2021.

Source: Statistics Canada; Better accommodation.

The number of people added by Ontario to its population is by far the highest of any province. Its population grew 0.6% (88,994 people) in the fourth quarter of 2021, up 1.2% (174,566) from the same quarter last year. Combined with British Columbia, 65% of Canada’s population growth came from British Columbia and Ontario.

Canada’s population growth is back as lockdowns ease and the border reopens. There have been large one-time increases, such as the crisis in Afghanistan and the pandemic backlog. As these issues subside, we will have a better idea of ​​the extent of the squeeze we are seeing due to stunting. “These are preliminary data that will be revised over the next year,” notes Stat Can.

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