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Chandler City Council plans to deal with the issue of gun-dumping in the city at the time that the council is scheduled to meet in the evening at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday February. 8, at City Hall.

The purpose of no action is to ask the council to review its firearms law as it pertains to hunting.

In the minutes of the meeting the city administrator John Whitsell wrote to council members:

“We are receiving complaints from hunters who hunt within the city’s limits.In accordance with our regulations, you can hunt only if you own the required number of acres.If you check with other cities, they prohibit guns within city limits.As we build more homes, this may cause problems.

The present ordinance on the deloading of firearms, or airguns stipulates that firing firearms is unlawful, on contiguous parcels of land that is not developed, less than 20 acres in the city limits of the company .

Furthermore, nobody should discharge any firearm, pistol shotgun, rifle or any other gun within 100 meters of the property line.It is also prohibited to discharge firearms discharged towards an apartment, building or road, park, or an area that is populated.

The law also bans anyone under 18, from firing an firearm without the supervision of an adult or guardian.The ordinance is not applicable to peace officers during the execution of his duty.

In the City of Athens has recently revised its firearms regulations.The council has banned shooting within city boundaries, but included an exception to allow the use of firearms for hunting in contiguous areas of undeveloped land up to 20 acres, provided there are no projectiles coming originate from the Firearm cannot cross over another property when they are not loaded.

On the agenda on Tuesday’s meeting is announcement of a municipal vote scheduled for May.Three members of the board will be chosen for a two-year period.

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