CKBSM – The “one stop shop” for real estate in Greece

Real estate agency CKBSM – BSM stands for “Business Solutions Market” – is known as “the first one-stop-shop” in Greece for real estate products and services, according to its websites, and The National Herald spoke to its representative to find out more about the Greek real estate scene and how the company can help Greeks abroad.

The National Herald: Is it easy for someone to buy property in Greece, especially if it is thousands of miles away, and how can CKBSM help?

CKBSM: Our company at the service of our customers interested in the purchase and sale and rental of real estate is able to serve customers from all over the world and puts all its know-how together with specialized translators, lawyers, engineers and notaries available to our clients, whatever their country of origin.

We are committed to guiding and assisting them from start to finish with every real estate purchase and sale.

TNH: What happens when someone wants to sell a property?

CKBSM: Each client must bring their passport to our office, where they sign a transfer order regarding the properties they are interested in and immediately after our company, depending on the country of origin of the client, the guide on all that will be necessary to carry out the purchases correctly and efficiently, without delays or risks, using the specialized professionals at its disposal.

When someone wants to sell or rent a property located in Greece, they can simply call the real estate agency CKBSM and give it to us! Our specialized staff will guide him on the documents that will be necessary, as well as on the assessment of its value and of course we have the capacity to issue, through our civil engineering partners, all the necessary supporting documents around the property even if not he has them, but of course we have at his disposal the notaries and all the collaborators so that he does not have to worry about anything, no matter how far away he is.

We also offer special advice on the best use of real estate one has in Greece.

Swimming pool at modern luxury villa, Crete, Greece.

TNH: Is this the right time to invest in Greece, especially in real estate?

CKBSM: It is indeed a very good time to invest in real estate in Greece! The country has seen ever-increasing investment interest from big business and appears to have been able to extend its tourist season.

There is also a great need for houses that are rented on a monthly basis. An additional reason, of course, is the low sale price of land and real estate nationwide in many regions.

Our company also offers special advice for those who wish to invest in value-added properties. We are also the only one to offer our clients design, construction, renovation, equipment services, etc., in short, complete customer service.

TNH: Are there different things to keep in mind when buying property in Athens or, for example, on the islands?

CKBSM: Our company is available to those who wish to invest in Greek real estate nationwide. There are many different options it will present depending on how much money they want to spend.

The Athens region has attracted growing investment interest, especially some areas around the center where prices are still affordable.

The islands are attracting greater tourist interest, especially for those wishing to invest in the purchase of land in order to build tourist accommodation. Thanks to the reduced prices offered by our company, they are an excellent choice.

CKBSM real estate banner.

TNH: Tell us about the beautiful region of Messenia.

CKBSM: The wider region of Messinia in recent years has attracted the interest of large tourism and construction companies thanks to the development of the famous resort of Costa Navarino.

This period is really a very good time to invest in both tourism and accommodation.

CKBSM is at your disposal to find the right value-added goods, through the consultants that we put at your disposal. We can also undertake to design, build, renovate or equip any type of property at the best market prices thanks to our collaborations with the largest commercial companies in the country.

TNH: Can you tell us anything about funding options for Greeks in the Diaspora, including funding from the Greek government or the EU?

CKBSM: From time to time, various programs are announced which also concern Greeks in the Diaspora, especially in terms of tourist investments. Depending on the interests of our clients, we are able to guide them in this regard, together with the respective consulting firms.

Let’s also say that CKBSM rewards its customers with discounts on more than 50 services offered by our company, in addition to real estate agents!

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