Couple made real estate transactions at the right time. Now they take their biggest leap yet



Mike and Laura play with their three children in the yard.

JOHNNY CY LAM / The Globe and Mail

4 Rosemund Crescent, Kingston, Ont.

Request a price: $ 299,900

Sale price: $ 366,000

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Monthly maintenance fees: $ 252

Taxes: $ 1,932 (2021)

Days on the market: Five

Registration agent: Joel Thompson, Royal LePage.

Mike and Laura Acs have been lucky with their real estate investments since 2009. When the couple bought their first home in Burlington, Ontario for $ 289,000 and sold it three years later for $ 374,000, they knew that real estate would be their game. They have since repeated their success with their second home in Fergus, Ontario, buying it for $ 304,000 in 2012 and selling it for $ 577,000 in 2019.

Attracted by the proximity to Lake Ontario and the after-school activities available for children, the couple decided to move to Kingston and bought a condo for $ 165,000 in cash in 2019.

“The condo looked pretty tired when we first received it and we decided to put in $ 20,000 and renovate the place ourselves. I’m most proud of the job we did in the bathroom, it totally transformed the condo, ”said Mike as he flipped through a photo album with the photos after the condo.

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Mike flips through photos of a condo they once owned in Kingston. The couple bought the condo in November 2019 in a cash transaction for $ 165,000.

JOHNNY CY LAM / The Globe and Mail

After completing the renovation, Mike and Laura decided to take a trip to Europe in November 2019 with their three young children and gave themselves a well-deserved break. They rented the condo, packed a few bags and traveled to England, Greece, Italy and Hungary, where Mike’s family is from.

“We loved Hungary,” said Laura. “It was affordable, the food was great and the people were very friendly. Strangers came to tell us how wonderful it was to see a family with young children traveling together. It was like home. Mike also speaks Hungarian which was helpful.

When the pandemic struck in March 2020, the family had to return to Canada and returned to the condo. During the first lockdown, Mike and Laura realized they wanted a bit more room for the family and a backyard for the kids. They decided to find a house to move into and sold the condo in July 2020 for $ 250,000.

The couple then bought a townhouse in August 2020 for $ 250,000 and began another renovation soon after they moved in.

“Laura was working from home and I had a lot of free time,” Mike said. “It was the right project to undertake during the pandemic and we invested $ 16,000 for the renovation. We installed a brand new kitchen, new appliances, new flooring and renovated one of the bathrooms. “

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The family of five is having lunch in their kitchen.

JOHNNY CY LAM / The Globe and Mail

“We started to think about renting the house and going back to Europe,” Laura said. “The housing market is very hot and we thought, why not take a chance and see what we get out of it,” Mike said.

Having lived in their home for less than a year, Mike and Laura decided to take advantage of the hot real estate market and sold their home in Kingston in just 5 days for asking too much.

JOHNNY CY LAM / The Globe and Mail

The townhouse was listed for $ 299,900 on April 29 and sold on May 4 for $ 366,000 with several offers. “It was a crazy day! We got an offer at 8:00 am and they kept coming in, higher than the previous one! “Said Laura.” In the end, we couldn’t believe we got an offer of $ 366,000, “said Mike.” We were both flabbergasted! “

“We don’t have any real plans. At the moment we are focused on finding a rental for the first time we land, but we hope to eventually buy a house with land in Hungary. Homes there are so much more affordable than those in Canada, ”said Mike.

Kingston resident Ryan Wright, right, picking up his Facebook Marketplace purchases from Mike.

Not intending to keep anything in storage, the couple have sold almost everything they own and plan to take only a few suitcases with them when they move to Hungary at the end of June. of this year.

JOHNNY CY LAM / The Globe and Mail

Once in Hungary, Mike will focus on developing his YouTube channel – Mike Me Up, into a lucrative platform, where he will talk about living a more simple and minimalist lifestyle. Laura is able to keep her job and work remotely as an accountant. Her employer, Finally CPA, which offers outsourced virtual accounting services, supported her move.

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