Court documents: Camping dispute leads to murder

COLUMBUS, Ind. – HAS CONTESTATION more being asked at leave a camp site Region LEDs at the alleged murder of a local man near a wood line in the Region of North Indianapolis Road.

Joshua R Davis, 43, of 3780 Pepper plant Way, Columbus, is accused of murder in the death of Shy wayne Thompson, 61, of Columbus during the early Morning hours of Seven. 16, to research documents State. The death occurred near a wood line on 50 feet stopped North Indianapolis Road, south of Athens Animal Clinical, to research documents State.

In a likely cause affidavit, Columbus police say Thompson had authorized Davis and his spouse, Alysha Davis, at stay temporarily at a camp site near the wood line. However, Thompson and his roommate, Robert Lehman, were in the treat of deletion the couple because of their constant struggle and arguing.

During the early evening of Seven. 15, Lehman Told Davis he had 30 minutes at Leave, the to research document States. Whereas Davis replied by swear at him, Lehman market at another one Region of the property, Foust wrote.

As he past Thompson, who has been while walking towards the campsite, Lehman warned him not at go at the campsite, the to research document States. However, Lehman revenue at What is describe as his “property Region” nearby and tear down sleeping, according at the likely cause affidavit.

After standby at the top the Next Morning and not seeing Thompson, Lehman look for and found the victim lying on the ground at the camp site and called 911, to research documents State. Thompson has been transported at Columbus Regional Hospital where he has been later pronounced dead at 4:40 a m by doctors, according at police reports.

Preliminary autopsy reports indicate Thompson deceased of various blunt Obligate trauma, as good as a big cut vein this succeeded in the victim slowly bleeding at death, the officer declared.

To 7:31 pm Seven. 16, officers meet Joshua and Alysha Davis having a “domestic CONTESTATION” in Mill Race To park, to research documents State. Both refuse Go return at the camp site where by Thompson body has been found, the report States.

But during a second interview Saturday, Joshua Davis admitted he had revenue at the camp site at retrieve his dog, who has been handed over at him by Lehman, the officer wrote.

Davis said this after he put the dog in his 2004 Nissan Quest minivan, he has been approach by Thompson who market at Davis’ Drivers’ side the window and threatens him with a knife, the affidavit States.

Thompson then moved at the front of the van, Davis said, who guest Davis at round at the top the engine in a attempt at frighten the man with the knife.

The van “pushed forward,” according at the likely cause affidavit and struck Thompson, provoking him at to fall at the ground. Achieve this he had made a serious mistake, Davis by mistake put the van in reverse, supported at the top, and felt a to bump, to research documents State.

Davis would have Told the officer he never obtained out at Check on Thompson, leak the Region, and did not report the incident at authorities.

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