Elstat: Greek household purchasing spending down 9.9% in 2020 | greece economy


ATHENS – The average annual expenditure of Greek households on purchases decreased by 9.9% in 2020, falling to 15,981.96 euros (1,331.83 euros per month) compared to 2019, due to the pandemic and the lockdown, the Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Wednesday.

More specifically, the report indicates that 50% of households spent more than 1,080 euros per month, with households living in rented accommodation spending an average of 19.8% of their budget on rent. The highest average annual expenditure was recorded in Attica (18,401.52 euros) and the lowest in central Greece (11,193.24 euros). The average annual expenditure per person was 6,255.60 euros, down 9.9% from 2019. The average expenditure on food, soft drinks and accommodation for the poorest 20% of the population amounted to 58, 2% of household expenditure, while the equivalent expenditure for the richest 20 percent of the population accounted for 29 percent of household expenditure.

Food and beverages accounted for 23.1% of average spending, followed by accommodation (15.3%) and transportation (12.3%). The largest negative percentage change in household spending in 2020 was recorded in leisure / culture (36.4%), hospitality (35.4%), clothing / footwear (27.4%), while that increases were recorded in food (4.2%), alcohol / tobacco (3.9%), education (2.6%), health (1.3%) and communication (0.8%).

The report states that households living in rural areas spent an average of 1,085.33 euros per month in 2020, while those living in urban areas spent 1,404.28 euros. 15.6% of the population faces the risk of poverty.

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