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Eurobank and Grant Thornton awarded today on Growth Award 2021 To six (6) Greek companies that have stood out for their strong financial performance, best practices, adaptability and contribution to the formation of a resilient and flexible business landscape in Greece, which is crucial for the new bull cycle of the economy. Growth Awards 2021 aimed to highlight business excellence that goes “from the ability to distinguish to the power to distinguish oneself“.

The six companies were selected by the 20-member Growth Awards 2021 committee jointly chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eurobank, Mr. George Zanias and the CEO of Grant Thornton, Mr. Vassilios Kazas, with the participation of leading entrepreneurs and academics. MG Zanias, in his brief address, underlined the great strides made by Greek entrepreneurship and the value of the Growth Awards, while underlining the impartiality of the procedure and the notable contribution of the awards committee.

This year, the opening of the Growth Awards ceremony, which took place in the Peristyle of Zappeion Megaron and was broadcast online, was announced by the CEO of Eurobank, Mr. Fokion Karavias, in the presence of Minister of Development and Investment, Mr. Spyridon – Adonis Georgiadis, who delivered a brief welcoming speech. The event brought together representatives of the country’s academic, research and business community, who honored the “Growth Awards”, an institution that brings together for the 5th consecutive year of business excellence in the foreground. The keynote speaker for the event was Howard Yu, LEGO professor of management and innovation at IMD Business School, who spoke about the post-pandemic in the business world and the characteristics that will define a successful business in the future.

In his welcome speech Mr. Spyridon – Adonis Georgiadis, Minister of Development and Investment, mentioned among other things: “The Growth Awards 2021 comes in a period of very good news for the Greek economy: high growth rate, investments and exports at record levels, bids in the latest privatization tenders that have shattered expectations, big business transactions. Continuous improvement of the business climate in line with the financial “firepower” of the Recovery Fund and Greece’s Partnership Agreement (called “ESPA”) opens windows of opportunity for Greek companies to strengthen and compete with self-confidence in international markets. “.

Chairman and CEO of Eurobank, MF Karavias, noted: “Our Bank is committed to maintaining the course it has set itself for years, by financing major investment projects and the commercial initiatives of our clients, so that they can have a head start in the exploitation of opportunities arising from the bullish economic cycle. As a growth-oriented bank, we encourage and fund the mergers, acquisitions and partnerships initiatives necessary for the growth of the average Greek business. We provide financing and advice to small and medium-sized businesses, facilitating their green transition, their digital transformation and the strengthening of their corporate governance, because ESG criteria are now taken into account in the credit assessment of loans to all. businesses. Today, our main concern is to support and accelerate the growth of the country and the economy, hand in hand with the big Greek companies.. “.

In his statement, the CEO of Grant Thornton, Mr. Vassilios Kazas, said the following: “Today, we are once again rewarding entrepreneurship that builds a better future. Modern anthropocentric entrepreneurship, proceeding through innovations with a vision and purpose, resisting and evolving through ever changing needs, while investing in the national economy. For the fifth year in a row, at Grant Thornton and Eurobank, we see how entities embrace our institution, which supports and rewards companies that combine high financial performance with a successful business history, while helping to reshape the entrepreneurial landscape and culture. work in our country. The modern entrepreneurship we are rewarding today transforms the obstacles caused by the pandemic crisis into opportunities, laying the foundations for sustainable business and social development. It is a shared obligation for all of us – in the business and non-business world – to face tomorrow and to evolve through the challenges that it induces. Therefore, we continue to strongly support the protagonists of entrepreneurship as well as any effort that generates value and urges a new dynamic to stimulate our economy.. “.

The main speaker, Howard Yu, LEGO professor of management and innovation at IMD Business School, mentioned: “Future preparation leads to resilience. What makes some companies more resilient than others is their ability to understand their fundamental knowledge. They jumped from the old to the new ahead of time. These organizations don’t just experiment, they actually extend that capability ahead of time. And therefore, in times of crisis, they’re not just more resilient, they’re ready for growth. This is only possible when you filter out the noise and gain clarity. You can then find out what is impacting your organization and make decisions based on reality.“.

As part of the event, Grant Thornton’s team, led by Mr. Manolis Michalios, partner, responsible for certification, presented the analysis results for Greek companies today. Commenting on the research results, Mr. Mr. Michalio stated the following: “As we gradually get closer to the next day, it becomes all the more clear that Greek companies are looking to the future with more optimism, as evidenced by both the study’s anticipation indices and the estimates of the companies. companies on the schedule, within which their operations will return to pre-pandemic levels. To get back on track in the coming months, companies will need to adopt a robust and flexible operating model that will respond effectively to any changes the future potentially brings. It is, after all, thanks to resilience and adaptability that companies have managed to respond to the special conditions generated in the previous months and to support the course of the Greek economy. These characteristics should be the deciding factor that will allow Greek entrepreneurship to move forward in the future – safely and with optimism. These are the attributes that we recognize and will continue to recognize through the Growth Awards.“.

The six (6) companies awarded this year by category are:

  • Dynamic growth | PAPOUTSANIS SA
  • Research & Innovation | FLEXOPACK SA
  • Extraversion | THRACE GROUP
  • Digital evolution | SKROUTZ SA
  • Environmental, Social & Governance | VITEX SA Commercial excellence | Constantakopoulos family (COSTAMARE Inc., TEMES SA, FALIRO HOUSE, “Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos” Foundation)

Growth price“are the first Development & Competitiveness Trophies give importance to companies whose achievements inspire the creation of a modern, dynamic and competitive Greece. In addition, the “Growth Awards” recognize the dynamics of Greek companies that stand out in crucial sectors, according to the global business trends of each year.

The evaluation process for the selection of winners involves the use of special analyzes for the financial fundamentals of around 8,000 companies based on Grant Thornton’s “Financial Growth / Health Matrix”, but also on real business stories.

*** Watch the awards ceremony live via dedicated social networks on Facebook or YouTube ***

Eurobank CEO Mr. Fokion Karavias. From left to right, Mr. Fokion Karavias, CEO of Eurobank, Mr. Howard Yu, keynote speaker of the event and LEGO professor of management and innovation at IMD Business School, Mr. George Zanias, Chairman of the Board Directors of Eurobank, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, Minister of Development and Investments, and Mr. Vassilis Kazas, Managing Partner of Grant Thornton Greece. The winners of the Growth Awards 2021.

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