Fed policy change could have major repercussions for homebuyers, and foreign investment in U.S. real estate is expected to return


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“The era of mortgage rates below 3% may be behind us”: Fed policy change could have major repercussions for homebuyers

Economists expect the Federal Reserve to start cutting back on asset purchases later this year, which would have a direct impact on the mortgage market. Read more

As US eases travel restrictions, foreign investment in US real estate set to return

The volume of real estate purchases by international buyers has fallen to its lowest level in a decade over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

My fiancee wanted me to leave our house. I did a background check – and found she was a fraud and a liar

“She lied about her age and her college education, had several lawsuits in the past, and was over $ 30,000 in arrears with the IRS.” Read more

Existing home sales decline as buyers wait for better prices and more options

The median selling price of an existing home has increased almost 15% over the past year to reach $ 356,700. Read more

IRS Capital Gains Transactions ‘Dramatic’ Rise As Biden Administration Consider Raising Tax Rates for the Rich

As of July, millionaires reported about $ 140.5 billion in combined capital gains and / or losses, up from $ 118.4 billion a year earlier. Read more

This is how much it costs you now to drive a car

Driving continues to get more expensive, and the average annual cost has become quite shocking, for a number of reasons. Read more

Learn How To Embrace Your Digital Wallet – Here Are 8 Perks To Love

A digital wallet has many benefits apart from condensing physical cards and providing a seamless and secure payment option. Here are some of the other joys. Read more

My son is married to a selfish, passive-aggressive woman. How can I leave her money without her getting a hold of it?

“My daughter-in-law never attends family events. She has an 18 year old disabled daughter who is very sympathetic. I treated her like she was my flesh and blood. Read more

If the fallout from Evergrande prompts you to reconsider your investment strategy, and it’s time to curb your impulse spending

Best Tuesday Personal Finance Stories Learn More

You could own a home on Greece’s most popular islands for under $ 105,000

Like many Irish students, I worked in bars on several Greek islands at the time. Read more

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