From afar, Georgia fans flock to Indianapolis

Hutchison’s passion naturally became the passion of his children, Gunnar and Claudia Hutchison. As adults now, Hutchison’s children took turns going with their dad to see the Bulldogs play each year. One year they were going to Nashville to see Georgia play Vanderbilt and the next year they were going to Lexington, Ky. To see the Dogs take on Kentucky, as it was the closest games.

In fact, Hutchison attended a Georgia game at Sanford Stadium in his lifetime. It happened in 2018 when his girlfriend Tai Blythe surprised him with tickets to the Middle Tennessee game. Hutchison and his son were making the pilgrimage to Athens again in 2020 when they learned the Vanderbilt match had been called off due to the Commodores’ COVID-19 issues.

“We were actually in Chattanooga when my son heard the news on his Twitter feed,” Hutchison said. “We had to turn around and go home.

This year, however, the Bulldogs are coming to the Hutchisons, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. Hutchison’s son was unable to make it to Nashville this year because just days before the planned trip Ann Bobbitt – Gunnar and Claudia’s mother and Tim’s ex-wife – was diagnosed with leukemia.

For months now, Gunnar and Claudia have been staying with their mother at an Airbnb property in Indianapolis to care for Bobbitt while she receives stem cell treatments for cancer. At Christmas, Tim Hutchison surprised his son with two tickets to the College Football Playoff Championship game.

“He’s 27 and I’ve seen him cry twice in the past month – once when she was advertised as cancer free and the second time when I showed him the ticket order,” said himself. exclaimed Tim Hutchison. “All he could say was, ‘Come on guys!’ “

Besides Bobbitt’s remarkable recovery, the best thing about this whole ordeal is that they still have the Airbnb in Indianapolis. So that’s where Hutchison and his son will be staying this weekend as they prepare for Monday night’s championship game between the No.3-seeded Georgia Bulldogs and No.1 (20 h, ESPN).

“We’re so excited,” Hutchison said. “We lived and died in Georgia’s last national championship game against Alabama. This is something we really look forward to as our entire South Indiana family are huge Georgia fans.

The Hutchisons story is just one of dozens that Georgia Bulldogs fans have shared with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which appealed on social media to hear their travel and ticket stories before the game. Monday evening. As you might expect, they are many and varied.

Here is a selection:

BOBBY MARIENCHECK, Raleigh, North Carolina

Hi smart. Good year! Go to Indy to meet Manny (Diaz), Allen Miller and many former tennis players. I can’t fly in Indy. Very expensive and limited options. So I hit Louisville and go upstairs. Buy extra layers – hear next Monday night’s low is 8 degrees. Hope to see you after the Dawgs win big. Fate awaits you!

STEPHEN BAILEY, Greenville, South Carolina

In September, before the Clemson game, I had a feeling we would go all the way this year. I paid just under $ 100 for a voucher that allows me to purchase a lower level ticket for face value ($ 625) through Sports Illustrated tickets. I couldn’t get a flight to Indy so I fly from Greenville to Louisville (Ky.) And drive the remaining two hours. My brother-in-law, who is a former UGA, flies from Louisiana and meets me in Louisville. I married a die-hard Bama fan. His name is literally Crimson. My stepfather gave him the name of the team. We have just had our first baby, a son with the middle name of Herschel. It must be a really good game! I just hope I finally get bragging rights next Christmas. Come on friends!

LEE EIDSON, Woodstock

My daughter (Mallory Stavrinakis) and son-in-law (John Stavrinakis) presented me with a Christmas poem and it reads:

Ho ho ho!

Are you wondering where you will go?

Is it close or is it far?

Are you going by plane or are you going by car?

Now that I’ve got you completely confused

Let me give you a hint or two

The last time you were there was in nineteen

Oh my God, I wasn’t even a baby!

Now if that doesn’t reveal it

We could be here all day

While we’re at it, you might even mime

“I know I’m asking a lot of you guys, but wait one more time!” “

On the opposite page, a ticket to the National Championship in Indianapolis! I’m 70 now, but I was in New Orleans in 1980. I hope to be 2v2 by the end of the game. Come on friends!

SCOTT KEEBLE, Champaign, Il.

I drive to Indy from Champaign. Easily accessible by car. Much the same as Alpharetta in Athens. My brother and I were at the Rose Bowl four years ago. Hoping that our luck in person will hold!

JIMMY TAYLOR, Lake Berkeley

Due to the foolish decision to host this match in a cold climate city that requires a three night stay, we made the decision and are fortunate enough to travel to the match aboard a private jet departing from ( DeKalb-Peachtree Airport). Leave the same day and come back just after the match. We were able to secure tickets from UGA as a long-time season ticket holder. Our group will include my wife, my brother, my nephew, my niece and their spouses.


We leave by car early Sunday morning. Qualified for two tickets as a Bulldog Club member and got two more from a friend who also qualified but does not go. Just bought two parking passes for our entire party of 10. I made hotel reservations in October, but the only place we could afford is about 18 miles south of the stadium. I made the mistake of not going to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl of the 1980 season and said if the Dawgs played for it again I wouldn’t miss it!

TY WHEELER, Woodstock

I am a former UGA sprinter and have been a fan of Dawg for the 53 years of my life. I haven’t missed a game (other than the COVID year) for 11 years. … I have a hotel in Indy, but I’m taking the plane to Louisville and going up on Sunday. Still looking for a ticket.


After a long negotiation with my wife who could compete with a Middle East peace talk, I got transportation, accommodation and, yes, a ticket to the last game of the year. I fly alone because I was able to use Delta points, but I will meet my other buddies, who drive or fly separately. … I’ll be flying on Sunday morning (and looking for things to do until my friends arrive later) and be back in Atlanta on Tuesday around lunchtime. I will be staying in the northeast of town where I gave up most of my saved hotel points and still needed to shell out a few hundred more in hard currency to satisfy their wishes. I’m equally thrilled to have the chance to be there in person and nervous about the potential outcome. I have never seen a football championship in my life and I hope and pray it ends next Monday night!

KIM ROGERS, Watkinsville

My daughter Jennifer and I are leaving her home in Atlanta early Saturday morning with my brother, Al Quillian, his wife Thea, my nephew Drew and his fiancee Jessica Ruffo.

I can’t wait for the trip so much! Will the Dawgs win? Who knows? But if they do, we want to be there. I am 71 years old and I did not go to the championship game in 1980. Remember the season well because I was pregnant with Jennifer. … My husband Al and I have been fans of Dawg since we were born! My dad was in UGA Law School, so some of my first words were “Hell with technology!”

JESSE L. MACK, Indianapolis

I’m from Atlanta, Decatur to be exact, and got tickets here at Indy. The great part is that I live here and love the city. I can’t wait for the Dawgs to win! If you have any questions about Indy let me know. I will always keep my 404 area code!

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