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To travel the world without a visa

Ziad Karkaji, Managing Partner, Global Pass

From an office located in Lebanon, Global Pass opens the borders of the world for you to emerge as a citizen of the world.

Whether applicants choose a citizenship or residency program, our expert advice will guide them towards a suitable investment in a host country to achieve all their dreams and gain access to the business centers of the world while securing the future. and the education of their children.

Starting at USD 100,000 (excluding fees), there are several investment options in different countries that will grant applicants residency or citizenship without needing to visit or even reside there.

Regarding residency, we are able to help you obtain your permanent residency in countries such as Cyprus, Malta, Greece and Portugal, the latter two offering the Golden Visa program; each of these countries setting its own eligibility standards with respect to the applicant’s income or the need to invest in real estate.

However, if you are looking to hold a powerful second passport, Global Pass will give you access to a list of countries including Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Montenegro, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia and finally Vanuatu. .

The citizenship by investment program set up by Global Pass for these countries grants the choice between real estate investment or donation options. Thus, applicants can either invest in real estate in our partner resorts, with the lowest investment starting at $ 220,000, or contribute to the country’s national fund by donating a non-refundable amount, which starts at $ 100,000 and varies by country.

With our 100% success rate, you are one step closer to global citizenship; visit our website now to learn more about our services and to request a quote.

What properties are you promoting for investment and visa status? Please specify the locations.

For Caribbean citizenship applications, we promote Six Senses Resort in Granada and Westin Hotel Resort in Montenegro for Montenegrin citizenship applications.

For European residency programs we have properties in Lisbon, Porto, Lagos, Evora and Alcacer Do Sal for those interested in the Portuguese Golden Visa and a variety of apartments in Athens for the Greek Golden Visa.

What are the advantages of applying for dual nationality?

Dual citizenship will offer its holder freedom of movement / visa-free access to over 140 countries, including Europe, where they can travel for fun, business and get a plan B. is an EU passport, the holder will also have to visit the world without a visa, to access European education and medical systems and to work freely anywhere in the Union.

Can you briefly tell us the conditions required to be eligible for this type of citizenship? What documents should generally be submitted by applicants?

In principle, anyone with the financial means, a clean criminal record, a clear source of funds and little or no visa denial can apply for citizenship in most of the investment programs available, with the exception of certain prohibited nationalities which differ from program to program.

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