Greece pledges to phase out coal earlier than expected by 2025


Greece energy
A power station in Greece. Credit: Thpanagos , CC BY-SA 3.0 / Wikipedia Commons

Greece pledged to become a leader in clean energy on Earth Day at the Leaders’ Climate Summit, pledging to phase out coal three years earlier than expected by 2025, showing the promise of a greener future with greater economic efficiency.

US President Joe Biden has invited 40 countries to attend the virtual summit and televised live after taking steps to bring the US back to the Paris Agreement on its first day in power. The Leaders’ Climate Summit is a precursor to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November in Glasgow, according to a statement from the United States White House.

Grecian Delight supports Greece

The aim of the summit was to “galvanize the efforts of major economies to fight the climate crisis”, according to the organizers of the summit.

Climate initiatives create more jobs

Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is the global reference temperature that scientists advise in order to prevent the negative effects of climate change.

The Climate Leaders’ Summit and COP26 agendas aim to keep the 1.5 degree target within reach while highlighting ways to scale up climate initiatives by creating jobs, new adaptation technologies and techniques for countries most vulnerable to climate impacts.

“As we take concrete steps to reduce emissions and prepare for the inevitable impacts of climate change, we have an opportunity – an opportunity to create sustainable, well-paying jobs to promote not only greater growth, but greater growth. equity and to provide sustainable and reliable jobs. affordable access to energy for more people, which is crucial for all aspects of human development, ”said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in his opening speech.

Greece was one of the first countries to support the EU’s modification of its 2030 energy strategy to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 55% compared to 2005 emission levels. to this initiative, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has promised Greece to pull out all coal-fired power plants sooner than expected.

Natural gas can serve as a “bridge” fuel as businesses transition to renewable energy production, according to a statement from the US embassy and consulate in Greece.

The Public Power Corp (PPC), Greece’s largest energy company, has already announced its exit from coal largely due to economic losses. However, after losing € 1 billion a year, the plant switched to fossil fuels, EURACTIV reported, a solution that has been widely criticized by clean energy activists.

Renewable energy market predicted for growth

“It is important that Greece switches from coal to renewable energy, and not to other fossil fuels,” said Mahi Sideridou, managing director of the Europe Beyond Coal campaign.

The global renewable energy market is expected to reach $ 2.15 trillion by 2025. Meanwhile, solar and wind technicians are among the fastest growing jobs in America and Greece.

“We congratulate Greek companies like Sunlight, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial and advanced technology batteries, and Raycap, which provides surge protection equipment for power grids and critical wind infrastructure, for expanding their activities in the United States, ”he wrote. Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt and Greek Minister of Environment and Energy Kostas Skrekas in a statement.

“The investments in Terna Energy’s wind farms in Texas are another example of how our two-way trade and investment benefits our economies and the planet.”

World leaders and scientists agree that a calculated, global effort is needed to end the negative effects of climate change. According to Dimitris Tsekeris of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Greece, in order to achieve climate neutrality, “WWe need to adopt a more ambitious strategy to face and stop the global climate crisis. “

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