Greece will put restrictions on short-term rentals driving up rents

ATHENS — Internet-based short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb will be regulated as they change the character of neighborhoods in Greek cities and increase rents.

While the popular sites are a key part of Greece’s resurgent tourism industry, Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said the New Democracy government is working on a plan to ensure they don’t go not too far.

He told a Hellenic Chamber of Hotels conference that there was a need for competition and that the plan will separate those who rent properties on a large scale, which drives out residents in favor of foreign visitors for use. brief.

This has seen some neighborhoods now used primarily for short-term visits and driven out long-time residents who then face higher rents elsewhere due to demand versus supply.

It was noted that other major cities like Paris and Barcelona are also looking to control the spread of short-term platforms that have been curbed by the COVID-19 pandemic but are coming back again for greater use.

The number of short-term rentals in Greece is said to have increased by 300% in the last six years and it has been noted that a study has revealed the deleterious effects of too many short-term rentals on quality of life .

In October, he said tourist accommodation rental platforms would be asked to adjust their advertising policies to regulate short-term rentals which are again proliferating in working-class neighborhoods.

Many Greek landlords have moved from renting apartments by the month with long-term leases to turning them into short-term stays for tourists, finding they can make more money.

Speaking at the National Strategy for Tourism 2030 event organized by the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), Kikilias said the ministry will contact and Expedia, GTP Headlines said.

“In short, there will be no hotels listed without stars. When hotels are advertised, for example, short-term rentals cannot be advertised. This will be clarified,” Kikilias said, without indicating how he might order this done.

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