Greek medical start-up tackles Parkinson’s eyes EUR 500,000 funding via SeedBlink

PD Neurotechnology, a Greek medical technology start-up for patients with Parkinson’s disease, the second most common neurological disease in the world, is targeting 500,000 euros in the funding round opened on SeedBlink, a Romanian platform co-investment in technology startups.

The SeedBlink campaign is part of the company’s Series A funding round worth €5 million, of which €4.5 million comes from lead investors CIC Capital Partners and BigPi.

PD Neurotechnology aims to provide people with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders with affordable, easy-to-use wearable medical devices and advanced AI software for monitoring and treatment.

The PD Neurotechnology team includes 40 specialists in biomedical devices, neurology, healthcare, logistics, artificial intelligence and Parkinson’s disease.

Funds raised from this investment round will be used for manufacturing, clinical trials and to drive business development in new markets.

The company’s first products include a wearable monitoring device that captures raw movement data from various body locations, a smart box, which processes data and extracts symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and a mobile cloud app. which facilitates patient management.

(Photo courtesy of the company)

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