Greek parliament rejects no-confidence motion against government

ATHENS – The motion of no confidence against the government tabled by SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance was rejected on Sunday evening.

At the end of the vote by roll call, 156 deputies voted against, 142 for and one present.

Of note, 299 of the 300 MPs attended as New Democracy MP Marietta Giannakou is in ICU at Airforce General Hospital after a fall.

PM Mitsotakis: Tsipras’ speech contained ‘two lies in every sentence’

The no-confidence motion tabled by the main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance party was a “desperate attempt” by the main opposition leader to “heal the wounds within his own party”, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Sunday. in Parliament, before the vote.

“You announced, Mr. Tsipras, that I’m done politically. I imagine that prediction is as accurate as when you said there was no chance in a million that Mitsotakis would win the election,” the prime minister said.

He accused Tsipras of “doing what he is good at, twisting the truth,” while adding that the main opposition leader outdid himself during his speech in parliament, “[with] two lies in every sentence.

Responding to the main opposition party’s call for a snap election, Mitsotakis said SYRIZA had yet to review any of his government’s mistakes or change any member of the leadership team that the Greek people had rejected in recent years. elections.

The New Democracy government, he added, was facing the challenges of tomorrow and crises unprecedented in recent history, such as the global pandemic, the secondary energy crisis, extreme weather events, earthquakes of land, heat waves and the “hybrid attack on our country in Evros”. and events in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“We can say that we managed to weather these storms with the fewest casualties,” the prime minister said.

“We make lessons priorities and we serve them…not on the basis of the cries of a party that has nothing to say about the responsibility of a private company,” he added.

Tsipras in motion of censure: “You’re done politically”

Three days of discussion have proven “how justified the waves of indignation and anger that have swept through Greek society were”, opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras told parliament on Sunday, accusing the government to fail “with enormous social, economic impact”. and the human cost”, during the plenary debate on a motion of censure tabled by his party.

Addressing Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Tsipras accused him of acting “as if you believed your own propaganda”, while adding that citizens were now “immune”. He accused the Prime Minister of “living in a glass bubble” protected by “flatterers”.

“It’s time someone told you what’s really going on in Greek society. Mr. Mitsotakis, you are done politically but the worst thing is that you live in your own parallel universe where everything is fine, as it is portrayed as fine by the mainstream media,” Tsipras said.

“You are finished, not only because you have failed with enormous human, economic and social cost in almost all the crucial problems you have dealt with. In the pandemic, the fires, the high prices, the recent snow… but especially because at a time when you are blatantly failing in everything… you defiantly continue to believe that you are not a prime minister to be held accountable but a prince for whom power is an inherited right .

At loggerheads: SYRIZA pushes Mitsotakis’ motion of no confidence in Parliament

He stands no chance of passing in a parliament controlled by the ruling New Democracy, but SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras has attacked Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ mishandling of a snowstorm response in a motion of censure.

The third and final day of debate on Jan. 30 will be followed by a vote that gave leftists a chance to vent on Mitsotakis, who admitted his government was slow to react to the storm and had to apologize for drivers stuck on the Attiki. Ring road of Odos.

The New Democracy has 157 votes out of the 300 members of Parliament and so far only SYRIZA and the resurgent centre-left Movement for Change (KINAL) under new leader Nikos Androulakis are ready to vote for the motion and against the Prime Minister.

Mitsotakis and his aides said the move was taken simply to try to embarrass him, but gave the government a chance to retaliate, especially with some former SYRIZA officials being prosecuted over their response to the July 23, 2018 wildfires that killed 102 people.

The debate should give Mitsotakis the chance, unnamed sources told Kathimerini, to list accomplishments since he routed Tsipras in July 2019 in a snap election and slowly bring the economy back before the pandemic hit. COVID-19 does not strike.

Tsipras had demanded snap polls to also blame Mitsotakis for the handling of the coronavirus crisis, but this was rejected, but the two took shots at each other and compared their records.

KINAL’s vote against Mitsotakis could also rule out any chance of the center-left party taking part in a coalition government if New Democracy in the next election comes first, although a chance in electoral laws was brought when SYRIZA was in power removed a 50 bonus seat for election winners, making a partnership likely.

Mitsotakis issued a “personal and sincere apology” to the thousands of drivers stranded on Athens’ main roads and for the power outages in many areas, but most of the blame fell on private company operators Attiki Odos and he made management offer more than 3,500 motorists 2,000 euros ($2,229) each, but the company wants them to drop the lawsuit if they do.

Mitsotakis has been hit with hot and cold complaints after in the summer he also admitted shortcomings in his government’s response to the wildfires that swept the country, and a new agency created to deal with natural disasters n failed to respond adequately to the snowstorm, its says the government.

But, he said, “we have laid the foundation so that we can have the procedures, equipment and training to be ready for any unexpected event, no matter how severe.”

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