Gun, ammunition found on property of local Trimble schools | New

The local Trimble schools building was placed on lockdown on Monday after unspent ammunition and a gun were found on school property, the school said in an email to parents.

At around 7:30 a.m., the school district received reports of bullets discovered in a bathroom, according to a letter sent by the school district to parents. After reviewing the security footage, a gun matching the caliber of the bullets was discovered hidden outside the building.

Athens County Sheriff Rodney Smith said bomb sniffer dogs cleared the school and the bullets found were unused cartridges.

He said the suspect was a minor and the minor admitted to leaving the gun and ammunition there.

The letter sent to Trimble parents indicates that the youth in question does not appear to be a Trimble student. Trimble Schools could not be reached for comment.

Smith said that while there does not appear to be a continuing threat to the school, the incident is of concern and his office will investigate the circumstances that led to the weapon being placed at the school.

“The threat is always of concern, when we have a high school student who thinks he needs a gun,” Smith said.

Cole Behrens is associate editor of AthensNEWS.

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