Iho Nyx: The dynamic Greek group is making waves in Australia

If you are going to a Greek wedding or private reception and Iho nyx the group is the main entertainment, you know you are going to have a fun evening. The dynamic Greek group can play multiple instruments and styles of music, ensuring that they are able to meet the wide range of Greece’s musical heritage.

In fact, that’s exactly what they did when they performed live on The Greek Herald Facebook page to entertain our readers during containment. Their performance was so well received that we just had to find out more about them from band member Adoni Petrandonakis.

1. Tell us a bit about the Iho Nyx group.

Iho Nyx (The sound of the night in Ancient Greek) was formed by Angelo Goutzios and myself in 2008, initially focusing on traditional Cretan music and enthna. We quickly expanded our repertoire to include most genres of Greek music, including contemporary and traditional music from the islands and mainland Greece.

We perform at festivals across Australia and New Zealand, weddings, private receptions, restaurant events, tribute shows and support international artists. A number of us in the band can play multiple instruments and this allows us to really respond to the wide range of our rich musical heritage.

As a band we are very good friends and share a common vision of music. We see our role in the maintenance and evolution of our cultural heritage as a duty and are proud to always present a quality and refined product.

In its current form, Iho Nyx consists of the following members:

  • Adoni petrandonakis: Cretan heritage. 42 years old and father of 3 children, Airline Pilot / Mortgage Broker (Bachelor and Master in Aviation Management). Singer, Lyra, Guitar, Lute, Mandolin, Baglama and Tzoura and experience in teaching music. Trained to play Lyra in Crete from the age of 9, Adoni performed in Crete and Cyprus until the age of 20 when he returned to Sydney.
  • Angelo Goutzios: Heritage from Crete and Halkidiki, 35 years old and father of 2 children, Real estate agent, Vocals, Lute, Bouzouki with experience in music teaching and DJ. Started playing bouzouki at age 7 and inspired by cousin Manos Pyrovolakis progressed to Cretan lute after age 13.
  • Andrew Kalogeropoulos: Peloponnesian and Cyprus heritage, 39 years old, father of 2, physiotherapist (license in physiotherapy) and owner of Midas Touch Physiotherapy. Singer, keyboards (classical training from 8 years old) with experience in recording and producing television shows and budding artists.
  • Georges ganakas: Karya, Ellasonas (Mt Olympus), 57, father of 2, owner of Bass Gear Direct. Bass player with over 45 years of experience with local and foreign artists. George’s grandfather played flamenco guitar and his father the bouzouki. George thrives on the energy and intensity of Cretan music and appreciates the versatility and wide range of genres covered by Iho Nyx.
  • Themi Ioakimidis: Pontian heritage, 33 years old, music teacher at St. Spyridon College (Bachelor of Business and Commerce & Bachelor of Music). Singer, Guitarist, Bouzouki & Bass Guitar. Themi started performing at the age of 10 and has been active on the Greek scene for over 10 years supporting famous Greek artists such as Dimitris Basis, Nikos Kourkoulis and Stathis Aggelopoulos. Themi is also a full member of the Steki Taverna Resident Group.
  • Foti lambis: Rhodes and Cretan heritage. 42 years old and father of 1, cafe manager with undergraduate studies in electrical / computer technology. Inspired by his father who was also a drummer, Foti enrolled in music theory and drums lessons at the age of 8. Experienced in recording studio sessions and supporting former Australian Idol competitors.

We are also regularly joined by George Paradisis (bouzouki), Nathan Pylarinos (bouzouki), Matina Kokkalis (singer), Jim Tsolakis (clarinet) and Savvas Iordanou (drums).

2. Do you have any highlights or musical performances that have marked you?

We have supported many Greek artists (among others: Glykeria, Hatziyianni, Lekkas, Pyrovolakis) which is always new. However, our most memorable performances include:

  • Our 2018 Pyx Lax tribute show at the Factory Theater which was part of the Sydney Greek Festival 2018 – a sold-out event that meant a lot to us as it was a first in Sydney.
  • Our NYE event in Darwin last year which, due to the absence of any restrictions in the NT, was the largest Greek NYE event in the world.
  • We also performed at events at the Sydney Opera House which is always an awesome experience.

3. What do you like the most about the show?

We cover music from most parts of Greece from all eras. This allows us to play back all of our favorite songs and gives us the opportunity to experience new combinations of instruments and sounds, creating a fusion that makes our “feel” as a band so unique.

A Cretan syrto can be followed by Tsamiko, Zeimbekiko, Nisiotiko, or modern Greek chant. We strive to regularly renew our repertoire and to connect as best we can with our audience.

4. Is there anything else you would like to say?

In the past, there were a number of Greek bands live in Australia. This is no longer the case and we all feel the need to keep our music industry alive and preserve our musical heritage.

Australia has excellent Greek musicians who are ready to pass on their knowledge and I encourage anyone interested in music to reach out and start exploring their hidden talent.

For up-to-date information on our upcoming concerts, follow us online at ihonyx.com or search for “Iho Nyx Band” on most social media platforms. We have a number of exhibitions leading up to this year The NYE event will host 2022.

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