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Two scenarios for the evolution of the pandemic, said Minister of Health Thanos Plevris, speaking to parliamentary authors. The good script like he said wants the peak in the first week of December, while the bad one sees the peak after Christmas.

He expressed concern that appointments for vaccinations do not equate to the coronavirus epidemic, typically saying that “the pressure of the wave we don’t have the vaccinations we want”. At the same time, Mr Plevris announced a new incentive framework – which will be put in place soon – to attract doctors to regional hospitals, which is already being developed by Deputy Health Minister Mina Gaga. Responding to a topical question from KINAL MP Michalis Katrini, he indicated that dissuasive measures will be provided, so that doctors remain in the specific position and do not leave it when another announcement is made.

Today, EODY announced 105 deaths, 608 intubated, while in the past 24 hours, 7,287 new cases have been confirmed. Cases in children are still high today, as 1,760 new infections have been identified.

“Vaccination protects against both infection and serious illness. “Natural infection leaves gaps in immunity,” said National Immunization Committee chairperson Maria Theodoridou.

On the website, detailed instructions for vaccinating people who have become ill will be posted until tomorrow.

At least 170,000 rapid tests per year, almost twice as many as the previous period, are performed in municipal clinics in the Municipality of Athens.

“We have expressed to the state our willingness to help by all means to deal with the pandemic, we are doing it and we will continue to do so,” said the mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis. referring to the Open City proposal for home vaccination by municipal clinic staff.

More specifically, Mr. Iliopoulos underlined that the relevant request is also formulated by citizens. “Do people in municipal clinics also have to help with home immunizations? It is a good practice and especially as regards the third tranche, it is necessary that it rolls ”, noted Mr. Iliopoulos. He also asked the municipal authority to think about the possibility of allocating municipal spaces to be developed in the vaccination zones.

From 300 to 600 euros, they received the circuit of virtual vaccinations in Palamas Karditsa, which consisted of 7 people, 5 of whom were related, while the other two were their associates from a town in northern Greece.

A total of 115 cases were examined under a microscope, in some cases the vaccination of which was doubled. When unjustified sums were found, they claimed that they were interrelated, linked to the construction of a funeral monument to a loved one.

Lawyer Nikos Antoniadis is continually accused of the crime of disseminating false news via the Internet, the prosecution of the first instance court having prosecuted him for his positions against vaccination and against the intubation of patients.

The permanent Holy Synod declares the impossibility of checking vaccination certificates or diagnostic tests. He stresses, however, that “the firm position of our Church is that the choice of vaccination is not a matter of good faith or confession, but an object of medical science and an act of individual and social responsibility”.

Emergency aid of 900 euros to 100,000 health workers and EKAB and additional aid of 250 euros to low-income retirees and 173,000 people with disabilities, announced the Prime Minister speaking in plenary, in the part of the pre-agenda discussion on price increases. Mitsotakis, although he admitted that the wave of precision has not yet peaked, stressed that it is a “temporary phenomenon”, contrary to the forecasts of EU officials. who believe the outlook for inflation may be longer than expected.

Mr Tsipras accused the prime minister of being a “denial of reality”, while accusing the government of “deals” – as he called it – for the wave of precision plaguing the Greek economy. He noted that the increase in product prices affects Greek society and especially the weaker ones.

The attack on the minor opposition parties was fierce for the government’s policy in the face of the tightness that struck Greek society, but also for the “aspirin” measures announced by the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis assured Greece of its continued support, bilaterally and internationally, for the Ecumenical Throne’s just demands for religious freedom for Orthodox Christians in Turkey, during his meeting with Maximos Maximos at the Megaros Palace.

Mr. Mitsotakis reiterated his full support for the mission of the Mother Church in Istanbul and assured that the Patriarchate will continue to defend its prestige and historic rights, while stressing that the reopening of the Halki School remains a high priority.

The Ecumenical Patriarch briefed Mr. Mitsotakis on the latest developments following his recent visit to the United States and his contacts with American leaders.

A 13-year-old girl is treated in “serious condition” at the “Children’s” Hospital of Agia Sofia, who, under previously unexplained circumstances, fell from the 6th floor of a building at 48, rue Spefsipou in Kolonaki.

International Thursday for the Elimination of Violence Against Women next Thursday and Athens 9.84 adjusts its program with a tribute against gender violence which will start at 6:00 a.m. and last until midnight. Free calls to the SOS 15900 hotline for combating violence against women, for Vodafone, Wind and Cosmote subscribers.

Authorities are looking for the motive of the attacker who dragged dozens of people in his SUV during a Christmas parade in Wisconsin, killing five people and injuring 40, according to the authorities. Although the investigation is still ongoing, so far no evidence has been found that this is a terrorist act.

Panathinaikos won over Olympiakos in SEF for the 8th game of the Basketball League.

Cloudy skies with local rains and thunderstorms, which should be temporarily strong in the evening, are forecast for tomorrow in Attica.

The winds will blow south southwest 4 to 5 and temporarily east 6 Beaufort. The temperature will vary from 12 to 20 degrees Celsius. 17 points at the moment in the Technopolis of Gazi.

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