January 6 comparisons are not reality | Remark

Believe me, it’s true. The ancestors rooted in my own personal history were straight shooters.

They followed their conversation – parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles. Saying one thing and doing another was taboo. Actions spoke louder than words. Principles mattered – whether constitutional or biblical (or perhaps dating back to Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanac). Logic and reason dictated behavior.

My father, born in 1910 and graduating from eighth grade, was fond of saying that perspective is the center around which everything in life revolves. (Could Aristotle have been the subject of elementary school study at that time? Well, maybe so.) Compared to today’s example, he and others who were instrumental in my tutelage seemed better able to handle the relative importance of things – sorting out the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

Which might explain my frustration with the Jan. 6 debacle at “the people’s house” in Washington, DC, and the foofaraw (synonymous with blather, cacophony, bluster, kerfuffle) parodied by AG Merrick Garland and partisan toads.

Don’t they have reality? Making a mountain out of a molehill (a “want” unearthed by a mole rat) is a bit like beating a dead horse…wasting time and energy for a lost cause.

Associate January 6 with Pearl Harbor (2,403 dead) or September 11 (2,977 dead)? My God, Kamala, pull yourself together! Or to the civil war (750,000 dead)? Come on, man… uh, Joe, Joe, wake up! The only life lost on January 6 was that of an unarmed veteran (shot by Capitol Police) whose death-worthy offense is still unexplained. That’s it! No other victims! Not one ! No burning wood, brick or mortar! No jobs or livelihoods lost!

Compared to the deadly BLM and ANTIFA riots of summer 2020, January 6 barely deserves a flash on the radar screen. Let us not forget, death and destruction reigned for weeks and months. The police were targeted. Establishments were looted at will. The property was burned down. Innocent people have been ruthlessly attacked!

Law and order were notoriously absent! Anarchy reigned! January 6, 2021? It is the dark footnote of the story, nothing more.

And the “cradle of democracy” (for those who dare to care, this designation of “seat of power” implying majority consensus dates back to ancient Greece and 18th-century Athens) where federal legislators meet ? No disturbed cornerstone. No overturned statue. No burned furniture. It’s much the same as before – but without the upright, distinguished, and reverent decorum once deemed appropriate by learned servants.

However, doubling down on stupidity is inexcusable. The January 6 Board of Inquiry is a charade – it’s Frankenstein in spades – a grotesque creation that has the potential to destroy the reputation (what’s left of it, at least) of the “co-leaders” Liz Cheney and Adam Schiff.

Consider that they assigned private emails, wrongly edited them, and then shared the doctored version with the public. How disrespectful and disrespectful is that?

Well, given their example of recent years (Schiff’s earned reputation as a peddler of lies related to the Russia-Mueller collusion hoax and Cheney’s deserved demotion from a House leadership position due to his disloyalty to his party), should anyone be surprised? Moral integrity is an endangered species these days – hence the typical hypocrisy that feigns qualities and beliefs that one does not actually possess.

Therefore, be prepared. Because of her displayed irrational hatred for all things Trump, by November, Democrats and their national media cohorts will do whatever they can to rehabilitate Ms. Cheney’s image before Wyoming voters.

Will it work? Well, probably not. There’s a pithy proverb (perhaps you’ve heard of it) that still echoes in the mid-1500s: “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!” Enough said?

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