Maggie Gyllenhaal ‘went home and cried’ one night while filming – ‘Those were amazing lessons’

The directorial debut of Maggie Gyllenhaal, The lost girl, was well received by critics and fans. The Netflix movie got a near-perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes and won a few awards.

Gyllenhaal invested a lot of herself in making the drama. In fact, one night she “went home and cried,” learning a lot about what happened. Here’s what the actor-turned-filmmaker had to say about the incident and how it relates to what’s going on in Hollywood for many people.

Maggie Gyllenhaal directed “The Lost Girl”

Maggie Gyllenhaal directed ‘The Lost Girl’ | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for the Gotham Film & Media Institute

The lost girl is based on the short story by Elena Ferrante. It follows Leda, a university professor, on a summer vacation in Greece. As she spends her days resting and working on the beach, she becomes interested in a young mother and her relationship with her young daughter. Leda notices a bond between the young woman and her daughter that reminds her of her bond with her own adult children. She must face the consequences of her choices and how they have affected her children.

Best known for starring in films like Secretary, The black Knightand mad heartGyllenhaal jumped behind the camera for the first time with The lost girl. She also wrote the screenplay. The film received largely positive reviews, winning several awards.

Gyllenhaal cried after an incident

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Although she loved directing the film, Gyllenhaal admits that she didn’t enjoy one particular aspect of the filmmaking process – the long hours. “There was one night where I wanted to keep filming, and I didn’t think we had quite what we needed,” she told IMDb. “My crew was like, we can’t. It has to stop. »

Even though she “went home and cried,” Gyllenhaal knew her team was “absolutely right” to insist they stop filming. “I think I was so invested and so in love with what we were doing,” she explained. “It’s part of being a director, you know? You have to compromise, and those are incredible lessons.

In addition to this particular incident, a rather awkward scene forced her real-life husband, Peter Sarsgaard, to perform an erotic scene with another actor. “I thought at first, ‘Maybe that’s not a good idea,'” Gyllenhaal said. View hosts. Later, she recognized that he was the best choice for the role.

Rights of workers on set

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Gyllenhaal isn’t the first director of the mix when it comes to conversations about working conditions in Hollywood. In fact, there has been a lot of discussion around this issue recently.

Many on-set horror stories have been circulating the internet over the past year, shared by the International Alliance of Theater Stage Employees (IATSE). The union organized a strike at the end of 2021 to resolve these issues.

CNBC reported that IATSE and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) have unveiled a three-year contract that meets IATSE’s demands for improved working hours, more safer and with greater benefits. A 10-hour delay between shifts, 54 hours off on weekends, higher funding for health and pension plans, and a rate increase of 3% per year for the duration of the contract are all included in the new agreement.

Worker protection is a hot topic right now when it comes to labor shortages in the United States and around the world. It is refreshing to know that Gyllenhaal recognized the needs of the crew and learned from their experience.

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