Mike Blakely opens up about his prison sentence he already managed


Former Sheriff Mike Blakely of Limestone Co., Alabama appears at a press conference on October 5, 2021. (Image via WAAY-TV screenshot.)

Dressed in a light-colored cowboy hat, blue jeans and what appeared to be a pistol holster, a former Alabama sheriff approached a collection of television microphones outside from his attorney’s office in Huntsville and bragged about the prison he once ran – at least until he ended up there as an inmate.

“Best prison in the state of Alabama – that’s another thing I’m proud of,” former sheriff Mike blakely said at a press conference reported by the Associated press. “The food was really good; the staff looked after me very well.

A jury convicted the 70-year-old former police officer for “taking interest-free loans” from a “fund that held prisoners’ money” at Limestone County Jail in Athens, Alabama – the same prison where he has finally served his sentence – the PA reported. Athens is approximately 40 minutes west of Huntsville.

Blakely was also found guilty of “stealing $ 4,000 from his campaign account,” the PA noted.

WAAY-TV, a subsidiary of Huntsville ABC, said the jury convicted Blakely on only two counts in a 13-count indictment. CBS affiliate WHNT-TV said the August convictions involved one count of theft of first-degree property and the use of an official post or office for personal gain. Both counts were Class B crimes.

The original indictment included additional charges of theft of property (sometimes of varying degrees of severity), one count of soliciting something of value from a subordinate, and other counts. charge involving the alleged use of an official post or office for personal gain.

The ex-policeman spoke on Tuesday because he was released pending an appeal against his conviction. He was behind bars for over two weeks, the PA Noted.

WAAY said the sheriff was sort of writing a brief.

“I have been extremely busy, as I said, working on my book,” Blakely told reporters. “You have no idea what it is like to be a game changer when basically everything is taken from you.”

“When you lose a job, your health insurance, your vehicle and something you’ve been doing for 38 and a half years, it is a game-changer,” he added.

The book is said to be supposed to discuss Blakely’s criminal trial, WAAY reported. Blakely hopes to release it next year.

Blakely also said he rode horses and worked around his house now that he is out of jail.

The former sheriff maintained his innocence by speaking to reporters on Tuesday, according to WHNT’s comments about the so-called “information maze” that resulted from the rambling bail.

“Quite honestly, I wouldn’t appeal this case if I felt guilty, and everything was perfect in my trial,” Blakely said.

He also tacitly suggested that prosecutors twisted the facts when they tried him.

“I think the majority, the people who know me and appreciate the work that we’ve done over the past 38 years, you know, are very supportive,” Blakely continued. “They don’t buy much into the hype and innuendos, innuendos, things that have been done.”

“They say if you throw enough stuff against the wall, some of it will stick,” he added later. “And I think that’s sort of what happened in my case. I am not guilty of what I have been condemned for. I really feel very positive about entering this call.

The PA said Blakely was “in his 10th consecutive term” when he was removed from office. This made him the “oldest sheriff” in the state before his fall.

At the press conference, Blakely denied receiving special treatment from staff who were once his boss. But he also claimed “that they kept me in my office ahead of time” for part of his time; otherwise “they had me in the hole in the back”.

He saw no distinction between the two.

“I was incarcerated,” Blakely said, still according to the PA. He then noted: “When you are incarcerated, let me tell you that you do not have the freedom to leave”.

“If they wanted to put me out there with the general population, I would have been fine,” Blakely continued – this time according to the WHNT report.

The former sheriff said his fellow inmates treated him well and declined offers to have food delivered while in detention.

“I said, ‘No, I eat prison food because I love it because I’ve been eating it for 38 years,” Blakely told reporters.

He said his favorite prison food was “stuff I grew up on”.

“We had cabbage, we had beans, cornbread,” he explained.

If Blakely fails to appeal his sentence, he will be ordered to report to Franklin County Jail – not the Limestone County facility he once oversaw.

A GoFundMe to pay Blakely’s legal fees brought in $ 16,600, easily exceeding the goal of $ 16,000.

One person who donated $ 100 to the ex-sheriff’s cause said there was “[n]o major unsolved crimes ”while Blakely was in charge.

“His lawyer is right,” continued this donor. “[N]o intention, no crime.

“I always slept better at night knowing he was responsible,” said another person who donated $ 1,000 to GoFundMe. “He spent his life protecting us in Limestone County. He deserves better than that. “

Read the original indictment below:

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