Mitsotakis visits the shipyards of Elefsis |

On Friday, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the Elefsis shipyards.

The Prime Minister’s visit follows parliamentary approval on Wednesday of legislation for the modernization of shipyards, government sources said; they added that Elefsis Shipyards is a key pillar of the Greek national defense industry.

In addition, the revival of the country’s shipbuilding industry, through the restart, consolidation and modernization of the Elefsis shipyards, will significantly strengthen Greece’s economy and its geopolitical position, added experts. sources.

The agreement, which works as a sustainable model for the restart of Elefsis Shipyards, includes: a direct investment of $170 million, securing all 600 current jobs, retroactive payments and compensation of $41 million. euros to employees, the creation of 1,400 new jobs within three years (reaching a total of 2,000), additional revenues of 1.1 billion euros for the Greek State via direct and indirect taxes and insurance contributions over the next 25 years, and the strengthening of the Greek economy with more than 1.6 billion euros that will be directed to national suppliers and the industry.

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