No fuel tax reduction due to inflation ATHENS 9.84


The Minister of Development, Adonis Georgiadis, categorically rejected the possibility of reducing the special consumption tax on fuels, due to the increase in energy prices, citing as an argument the inflationary pressures on the Greek economy.

In an interview with SKAI, he acknowledged that fuel prices had increased, but said they should not be compared to last year, when the economy was shut down due to restrictive measures imposed to deal with the pandemic.

“If we compare the prices with the lowest in the economy, with the quarantine, fuel oil is increased by 45%. reduced due to inflationary pressures. “We are entering an inflationary cycle. “When you have inflation, increasing cash flow by cutting taxes is like throwing gasoline on a fire.”

Mr Georgiadis, referring to the explosion in energy and fuel prices, stressed that the Greek government was going faster than the rest of Europe, “because we have already announced measures of 500 million euros for take charge of all increases in electricity, to give a big discount on gas, increase the heating allowance, etc. “

He pointed out that the Greek government with other countries at the MED9 summit decided and asked the European Commission to take action for the energy crisis and it was successful. “We will not let anyone freeze or run out of electricity. We are living in an energy crisis and the government is not leaving the Greeks alone,” he said.

In addition, Mr. Georgiadis did not rule out the possibility of taking new measures to relieve households. “Because our economy is doing very well, we have room to be above the problems. Now, in what form will the aid be given, when, for whom and how, the Prime Minister will decide- he, “he said.

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