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The non-bank products sector is a dynamically developing industry to which more and more Poles are convincing. The speed of withdrawing money and simplified lending procedures are an alternative to traditional bank loans. Loans are therefore an important group of financial products that are granted regardless of age or financial situation. Who is a statistical customer of a non-bank company and what do Poles usually borrow money for?

Direct lenders: Get the Life Money you need

Direct lenders like Citrus offer simple loans on a simplified basis. This distinguishes them from traditional bank loans, in which the customer is required to meet certain conditions. An online loan is a product that you can use without even leaving your home. There is no need to provide a statement of earnings or additional documents because the entire loan procedure is limited to submitting the application online. The customer can decide for himself what amount he is applying for and for what period because the choice is a payday loan or installment loan. It is also worth mentioning that in many cases the money goes to your account even within 15 minutes, hence the loan has its name.

Who is the online loan directed to?

It’s hard to find someone who has never used a bank loan, a family loan or a popular payday loan. Lack of adequate funds to finance a larger purchase is associated with the need to obtain additional cash. Non-bank companies offer credit online to virtually anyone. Such offers are most often used by young people who, due to a lack of creditworthiness, do not have a chance to get a bank loan. A non-bank loan is often also the only form of financial support for older people. Banks are reluctant to grant loans to pensioners, but even people aged 70 can take advantage of the non-bank loan. At what age do Poles most often use loans?

As can be seen in the chart prepared by the Credit Information Bureau for the purposes of the “Trendy Credit” report, the most numerous group of clients are people aged 45+. They also include retirees, which illustrates the need for such financial products. Payday loans are offers for internet customers and the condition for getting them is the correct submission of the application and going through the data verification procedure, without the need to meet additional requirements.

What is the loan granted for?

At the bank, you can choose between a mortgage, consumer or investment loan, and the money you get can finance a specific expenditure. Non -bank companies grant loans for any purpose and do not interfere with what the client has spent money on. Therefore, you do not need to provide proof of purchase, which is why this form of support is invaluable in emergency situations. Customers most often apply for loans when they quickly have to cover expenses not included in the household budget. For example, you might need to buy a new fridge or cover the cost of car repairs. Some, however, need an injection of cash for a previously planned purpose, such as a renovation or a family trip, but they do not want to burden the budget with this expense. What else do customers take loans for? Here’s a great resource of money for your needs.

Loan for those in debt – is it possible?

In the context of loans, you also have to remember about those struggling with outstanding obligations. They constitute a large group of clients because due to their situation, they cannot count on using the banks’ offer. loans for those in debt can be helpful in getting out of the debt spiral if the money is well spent. Many customers take out loans to settle their financial backlog without straining their household budgets. The loan without BIK and KRD is granted on the same terms, you only need to remember to pay the outstanding liability in a given company when applying for another payday loan. Financial institutions have the ability to check their clients in databases, but they approach this more flexibly. The resulting debt may result in the lender proposing a lower loan amount or adapting the repayment terms to the financial situation, but will not refuse to help those in debt.

Loan without certificates – requirements

As already mentioned, customers of all ages can be customers of any age who need money for any purpose and who have outstanding debts on their account. To this group should be added the unemployed, for whom a loan without certificates is provided. Non-bank companies do not require a certificate from the employer and recognize all other sources of income. The amount of monthly receipts is of particular importance if you submit an application for a larger sum, with an extended repayment deadline. 30-day loans are granted for a maximum of PLN 3,000, which is why the company does not need to check the creditworthiness of its clients in detail.

Loan – how to use it wisely

The market of non-bank products is open to customers, which is why you can find favorable offers with minimum formal requirements. The companies grant unsecured loans, expecting clients to comply with the terms of the contract. If the debt is not settled on time, the consequences must be reckoned with, such as a refusal to grant another loan, an entry into the Credit Information Bureau and even debt collection. When submitting an application, you must take into account not only your needs but also your financial capabilities. Young people should especially remember this because the early repayment of the loan will allow them to build a positive credit history, which will facilitate obtaining funding in the future. Before entering into cooperation with a specific company, it is also worth following the opinions about it and studying the regulations, which must be available on the website. A thorough analysis of the offer and your own financial capabilities will allow you to choose the most attractive non-bank product.

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