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Look beyond the lights and remember the poor, said the Pope on Christmas Eve

Pope Francis, leading Roman Catholics around the world on Christmas, said on Friday that those indifferent to the poor offend God, urging everyone to “look past all lights and decorations” and remember those most in need. Francis, inaugurating the ninth Christmas of his pontificate, celebrated a solemn vigil Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica for around 2,000 people, with attendance limited by COVID-19 to about one-fifth the size of pre-pandemic years.

Brazilian Minister of Infrastructure candidate for governor of Sao Paulo

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Friday that Infrastructure Minister Tarcisio Freitas would run for governor of the state of Sao Paulo in next year’s elections. In televised remarks to reporters outside Brasilia’s presidential palace, Bolsonaro said Freitas would run on the center-right Liberal Party (PL) ticket, which Bolsonaro joined in November world / americas / bolsonaro-join-center-right-pl-party-take-left-lula-2021-11-08.

Satellite images show Russia continues to build forces near Ukraine

New satellite images captured by a private U.S. company show that Russia has continued to strengthen its forces in annexed Crimea and near Ukraine in recent weeks, while urging the United States to discuss the security guarantees it seeks . Reuters was unable to independently verify the latest images of US company Maxar Technologies. The Kremlin on Friday recalled that it reserves the right to move its own forces into Russian territory as it sees fit and that Western countries are carrying out provocative military maneuvers near its borders.

Greece reports third sinking of migrant in days, survivors wanted

At least two people have died and 57 were rescued when their boat capsized on Friday off the Greek island of Paros in the central Aegean Sea, the country’s coastguard said. Authorities rushed a search and rescue operation northwest of the island of Paros, in what was believed to be the third shipwreck this week involving migrants in Greek waters.

Iran says Gulf war games a warning to Israel

Iran’s Gulf War Games this week were meant to send a warning to Israel, the country’s top military commanders said on Friday, amid concerns over possible Israeli plans to target Iranian nuclear sites. Revolutionary Guard war games included ballistic and cruise missile firing. State television showed missiles flattening a target that looked like Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor at the end of the exercises on Friday.

Thousands of flights canceled around the world over Omicron’s Christmas weekend March

Commercial airlines around the world canceled more than 4,300 flights over Christmas weekend as a growing wave of COVID-19 infections caused by the Omicron variant created greater uncertainty and misery for vacation travelers. Airlines around the world cut at least 2,366 flights on Friday, which fell on Christmas Eve and is typically a busy day for air travel, according to an ongoing tally on flight tracking site . Almost 9,000 additional flights were delayed.

US exclusivity lifts travel restrictions in eight African countries – The White House

The Biden administration will lift travel restrictions on eight southern African countries imposed last month over concerns over the rapidly spreading variant of COVID-19 Omicron, the White House said on Friday. Foreign nationals banned from entering the United States because they have visited one of the eight countries in the previous 14 days will be re-permitted to take flights to the United States after 12:01 a.m. ET on December 31, a senior official said. confirming a Reuters report.

Unresponsive to pandemic and supply chain issues, Santa prepares for annual flight

Intrepid by pandemics, supply chain problems and labor shortages plaguing land commerce, Santa Claus was expected to launch his reindeer sleigh on Friday to deliver Christmas presents to good girls and boys around the world, according to military officials who track its flights. “Santa has been doing this for centuries, he’s a professional,” said Canadian Army Captain Alexandra Hejduk, spokesperson for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

Western powers say Libya’s interim government is still in effect

Western powers said on Friday they would continue to recognize Libya’s caretaker government after its presidential election was postponed, but called for a new polling date to be quickly set. The fate of the Interim Government of National Unity (GNU), which was installed in March as part of a UN-backed peace process, has become a main source of disagreement in the fallout from the failed elections .

Ukrainian lawmaker says prosecutor calls for arrest of former President Poroshenko

Ukraine’s attorney general’s office has asked a court to arrest former President Petro Poroshenko on suspicion of high treason and funding pro-Russian separatists, a Poroshenko faction MP in parliament said on Friday.

“On Christmas Eve, the Attorney General’s Office confirmed the information (…) that the Attorney General had approved a motion to arrest Poroshenko with the possibility of a bail set at 1 billion hryvnia (37 million dollars), “Iryna Gerashchenko said on Facebook.

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