robbery arrest at Elbert Co, deadly shooting at Hall Co – WGAU

Baldwin County man arrested in Elbert County: Elberton police say Kevin Wolffe, 49, of Milledgeville, faces robbery and weapons charges after his arrest at the fairgrounds of Alberton. The fairground property has been the target of theft and vandalism in recent weeks.

The latest news is that the Hall County Sheriff’s Office is looking for two suspects in a fatal shooting that occurred near Old Athens Road near Gainesville. A 25-year-old man was killed. He was identified this morning as Christopher Dixon. There was no immediate word on the motive for Tuesday’s shooting.

There are child pornography charges for a man arrested in Gainesville: Jeremy Shinn, who worked as an IT staff member at the Free Chapel Church in Gainesville, was fired by the church after being incarcerated in Hall County Jail .

There are now charges stemming from a January fatal car crash in Habersham County: Georgia State Patrol says charges against Rylee Wiggins include second-degree driving vehicular homicide . The 20-year-old from White County was driving the vehicle involved in a head-on collision on Georgia Highway 105. Sandra Mulkey of Demorest was killed in the wreckage. She was 77, from Demorest.

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