Staikouras berates supporters of consumption tax cuts


“Greece will have a primary deficit this year, as spending will again exceed revenue,” Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said on Thursday, “thus the voices calling for more support measures, such as the reduction of a tax consumption tax on fuel, mean that they are supporting a higher budget deficit, higher interest rates and higher costs, measures which will lead to heavier costs for households and businesses in the medium term.

Speaking in parliament, the Greek finance minister noted that the government had proven to intervene in a timely and generous way to support vulnerable social groups.

“We proved that during the pandemic and during the energy crisis. Whenever there is fiscal space, the state returns it to society and especially to middle and low income people,” he said, adding that during the energy crisis, Greece had offered twice as much money as the European average to support households and businesses.

Staikouras said Greece expected a decision from the Eurogroup and the European Commission in two weeks to end Greece’s enhanced surveillance status, helping the country return to European normalcy.

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