State Senate-District 32: Janet Howell (D)


Questionnaires for candidates for the Virginia State Senate

* = Holder

District 30

http: //www.connec … “> Adam P. Ebbin * (D)

J. Ron Fisher (I), no response received

District 31

http: //www.connec … “> Barbara A. Favola * (D)

http: //www.connec … “> George V. Forakis (right)

District 32

http: //www.connec … “> Janet D. Howell * (D)

District 33

Stephen B. Hollingshead (R), no response received

http: //www.connec … “> Jennifer T. Wexton * (D)

District 34

http: //www.connec … “> JC” Chap “Petersen * (D)

District 35

http: //www.connec … “> Richard L.” Dick “Saslaw * (D)

http: //www.connec … “> Terry W. Modglin (I)

District 36

http: //www.connec … “> Gerald M. Foreman (right)

http: //www.connec … “> Scott A. Surovell * (D)

District 37

http: //www.connec … “> David M. Bergman (R)

http: //www.connec … “> David W. Marsden * (D)

District 39

http: //www.connec … “> George Lincoln Barker * (D)

http: //www.connec … “> Joseph R. Murray (right)

Holder, unopposed

town of residence: To rest on

Age: 71

Family: married to Hunt Howell since 1966, two grown sons, three grandchildren

Education: BA in Government, Oberlin College; MA in International Relations, University of Pennsylvania

Offices occupied, dates: Virginia Senate, 1992 to present

Profession and relevant experience: Former teacher, former legislative assistant, current state senator

Community involvementPrior to my election to the Senate, I was chairman of the PTA (Forest Edge Elementary), chairman of the State Board of Social Services, chairman of the Reston Community Association, chairman of the Reston Transportation Committee and various other positions.


E-mail adress: [email protected]

Name three favorite recommendations: Virginia Education Association, Northern Virginia Technology Council, Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, Sierra Club


What is the issue that defines your call to serve, why is it important, and how will you go about it?

During my tenure, I led several multi-year efforts to reform our laws. I was the primary sponsor of major domestic violence laws, mental health law reform efforts, sexual abuse law reviews, and the sexual predator registry. Currently, I am working to provide more services to people with mental illness and to divert them from our prisons and our prisons. Our current practices are cruel and costly.

What sets you apart from your opponents and why should voters choose you?

Without opposition.

Given the political makeup of the state legislature, what examples from your own experience suggest that you may be successful in overcoming the intense partisan differences there?

As the Senate has shifted control back and forth, I have always been chosen by both parties as speaker and budget negotiator on the most controversial bills (transportation, ethics, pension reform, etc.) .

In order, list your top 5 specific legislative priorities.

  • Make sure taxpayer dollars are invested wisely
  • Increase funding for education at all levels, from pre-kindergarten to higher education.
  • Pass legislation to expand Medicaid or 400,000 uninsured Virginians
  • Increase and improve programs for people with mental illness
  • Pass common sense gun safety legislation, such as a background check

How has your district changed over the past 10 years? What caused these changes?

The redistribution took away 40% of the residents in my old district and added 40% in new areas. Now the district includes part of Arlington and parts of Oakton and Centerville. The neighborhood is more ethnically diverse and has greater income disparities.

Will you support legislation limiting high interest loans, including auto title loans?

Absolutely. I have always voted to set a maximum limit of 36% on interest on loans. Current laws are bringing unwanted businesses into our state that prey on vulnerable residents.

Will you support funding for Fostering Connections, which would result in an influx of federal funds for foster children who age outside of foster care?

Yes. I have been an advocate for this program and fought for it at a budget conference. When the state takes children away from their parents, we have an increased responsibility to those children. All parents recognize that children need support beyond the age of 18.

Do you support the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, and if so, what would you do to make it happen?

Yes, I have been a strong supporter of the expansion of Medicaid and have worked across party lines in the Senate to find a solution acceptable to the majority in the House. So far, they have been steadfast in their opposition despite the moral, economic and health arguments for expansion. I helped develop the Virginia Marketplace proposal and am currently working on further improvements to it. The sad truth is that the opposition is not prepared to compromise or come up with its own proposal.

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