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ATLANTA: Food delivery company DoorDash is partnering with a large American Muslim charity to deliver food packages to those in need across the country.

The Chicago-based Zakat Foundation of America forged a partnership with DoorDash during Ramadan, when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

The “Feel the Hunger to Do Good” campaign uses the spirit of the holy month, when fasting Muslims are urged to care for and support those less fortunate.

The partnership is the first of its kind between a large American company and a Muslim humanitarian organization dedicated to helping the poor and hungry in America.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the urgent need to feed the poor,” Khalil Demir, executive director of the foundation, told Arab News.

“We applaud DoorDash for implementing its corporate social responsibility to help the poor, and we urge other businesses to do the same,” he added.

“We think we’re the best partner to help them do just that, because it’s already our mission to feed the poor across the country.”

Demir said his organization has the logistics and trained staff to alleviate human suffering resulting from the scarcity of food or the inability to obtain it.

He added that the foundation distributed food in the city of Minneapolis following the murder of George Floyd last year.

DoorDash provides funds for Ramadan meals from its “halal collection,” where it deducts $ 1 from every order intended to feed the poor through the Zakat Foundation of America.

“The ability to break the fast every day of the month at sunset is essential for the holy month,” said Nadia Ismail, an executive at DoorDash.

“To support the community during their month of fasting, DoorDash is honored to showcase local Halal Certified Merchants and donate $ 1 per order from these merchants to the Zakat Foundation of America to help fight food insecurity.”

The foundation is committed to providing an additional meal for each photo posted on social media with the @ZakatUS and @DoorDash tags.

Amna Mirza, the foundation’s marketing director, told Arab News: “Food insecurity exists everywhere. This pandemic has shown us that our neighbors are hungry, some waiting 10 hours in the queues. With this in mind, DoorDash helps prepare meals during this critical time. “

Mirza called the company’s decision to partner with the foundation “courageous” and to help “break down barriers”.

Established over 20 years ago, the foundation saw its efforts and reach increase last year during the pandemic. He said he was feeding an estimated 2.28 million people in the United States in 2020.

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