Ten colorful living rooms that make a statement with bold hues

Flamingo pink walls in a Greek seaside apartment and a living space in Italy defined by primary colors feature in our latest lookbook, which brings together colorful living rooms designed to stand out.

From the pastel color palette used in a Tokyo home to the clash of reds and greens seen in an apartment in Athens, these 10 living rooms around the world are defined by their colorful interiors.

Although using bold colors in a living room can seem like a daunting prospect, these examples show how even a few pops of color can create a warmer feel and contrast with traditional white walls.

This is the latest in our lookbook series, which is visually inspired by the Dezeen archives. For more inspiration, check out previous lookbooks featuring brutalist interiors, terrazzo restaurants and residential atriums.

The photo is by Prue Ruscoe

Polychrome House, Australia, by Amber Road and Lymesmith

Pops of color characterize every room at Polychrome House, a 1960s property in Sydney that has been renovated by architectural studio Amber Road and color consultants Lymesmith.

“Bright primary colors, layered throughout the interior, became the heart of the joyful experience we were all committed to creating,” Amber Road co-director Yasmine Ghoniem told Dezeen.

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Waterfront Nikis Apartment by Stamatios Giannikis
The photo is by Kim Powell

Waterfront Nikis Apartment, Greece, by Stamatios Giannikis

Flamingo pink walls and accents take center stage in the living room of the Waterfront Nikis Apartment, a Greek seaside dwelling housed in a listed 1937 art deco building.

Architect Stamatios Giannikis paired a neon pink hammock with a soft, fluffy rug and pink plant pots in the living room overlooking the sea.

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Nagatachō Apartment by Adam Nathaniel Furman
The photo is by Jan Vranovski

Nagatachō Apartment, Japan, by Adam Nathaniel Furman

Designer Adam Nathaniel Furman used a muted color palette to brighten up a Tokyo apartment he renovated for a couple of retired expats.

Located across from the open-plan kitchen, the combined living and dining area features a plush lilac rug that was chosen to contrast a bold green and blue chair and ottoman, which Furman says “has the feel of a sponge cake and looks like icing”.

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Levine by Hendricks Churchill
The photo is by Tim Lenz

House in Connecticut, USA, by Hendricks Churchill

American firm Hendricks Churchill sought to combine the aesthetic of a traditional farmhouse with more contemporary details in this Connecticut home.

Dusty blue cabinets meet red orange furniture in the home’s living room, while a textured blue rug has been placed on neutral wooden planks.

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Trevi House apartment in Rome designed by Studio Venturoni
The photo is by Michèle Bonechi

Trevi House, Italy, by Studio Venturoni

Thick swaths of terracotta and sand-colored paint wrap the walls of Trevi House, a one-bedroom apartment in Rome that is defined by warm, earthy hues.

The living room features a contrasting straight-lined blue and cream rug, which is placed under an oversized sculpture, reminiscent of traditional marble statues.

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Julliana Camargo
The photo is by Maira Acayaba

The Karine Vilas Boas Apartment, Brazil, by Studio Julliana Camargo

A large rug with bright geometric patterns by Portuguese brand Punto e Filo adorns the living space of this large apartment in downtown São Paulo.

Studio Julliana Camargo placed a crescent-shaped pink sofa and bright green armchairs around the area rug, emphasizing its bold, technicolor look.

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Trikoupi Apartment by Supreme Point
The photo is by Yannis Drakoulidis

Trikoui Apartment, Greece, by Point Supreme Architects

Local firm Point Supreme Architects designed this bustling Athens apartment to include a single open-plan space combining the living, dining and kitchen areas.

To compensate for the lack of room dividers, the apartment includes bespoke built-in colorful furniture to help delineate the spaces, including a green-stained plywood storage wall and a table with a bright red top.

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House for book lovers and cats by BFDO Architects
The photo is by Francis Dzikowski

House for book lovers and cats, USA, by BFDO Architects

American studio BFDO Architects added pops of pink, orange and blue to the living room of House for Booklovers and Cats, a Brooklyn home designed to include various nooks where a pair of shy cats can retreat.

A higgledypiggledy bookshelf with brightly painted alcoves has been built into one of the walls of the room, which was designed to house the owners’ extensive reading collection.

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Retroscena apartment renovation by La Macchina Studio
The photo is by Paolo Fusco

Retroscena, Italy, by La Macchina Studio

Retroscena is a distinct 1950s Rome apartment renovation, carried out by Italian architectural firm La Macchina Studio to reveal the home’s original terrazzo floors.

Primary colors have been celebrated in interior design, where the living room can be hidden by a yellow curtain and is decorated with a circular red wall hanging and a squidgy blue sofa.

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Apartment Husos Arquitectos Madrid
The photo is by José Hevia

Madrid Apartment, Spain, by Husos Arquitectos

Playful lime green lounge chairs and bold yellow and orange accents characterize the large living room of this Madrid apartment by Spanish studio Husos Arquitectos.

While its plywood cabinets and pine floors make natural hues dominate the room, the studio painted some of the shelves in bright colors to brighten up the wood.

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This is the latest in our series of lookbooks providing curated visual inspiration from Dezeen’s image archive. For more inspiration, check out previous lookbooks featuring green bedrooms, gardens with pools, and homes with glass extensions.

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