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April 27, 1893: The comet reported to readers what could have been a terrible accident. “Will Millhorn, a 3C brakeman, fell from a moving car near DeVault yesterday afternoon, breaking his arm. Fortunately, he was not injured by the wheels, the injury being inflicted by his contact with the ground. The car was moving slowly, otherwise his injury could have been more serious.

April 27, 1905: With a data line from Johnson City, the Chattanooga Daily Times reported news on a railroad. “A meeting of shareholders of the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railway (sic) company will be held at the company’s office in that city on June 14. the four mile railroad to Mitchell County (sic), North Carolina, owned by the Cranberry Iron and Coal Company (sic); proving payment of the present debt of the railway company and authorizing, performing and disposing of a series of obligations totaling $ 500,000. “

Mitchell County is approximately 37 miles from Johnson City; Cranberry, North Carolina, which was home to the Cranberry Iron and Coal Company, is located in Avery County. Avery County is approximately 40 miles from Johnson City.

Half a million dollars in 1905 is now worth about $ 14,944,000. (Source:

There was no daily newspaper published in Johnson City in 1905. The Comet was published weekly.

The Chattanooga Daily Times is now published as the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

April 27, 1918: The Johnson City Daily Staff reported: “After a few days of visiting with friends and friends in Johnson City, as well as friends and relatives in Fall Branch, Raymond H. Shepherd of the United States Navy (sic) resumed his functions at Newport. , RI Raymond enlisted in August 1917 in the hospital corps. He has since completed the course at the hospital school and has been retained in said school as a junior instructor. “

April 27, 1921: One hundred years ago today, The Knoxville Sentinel reported news with a Johnson City data line. Readers learned: “William H. Hodges has been appointed major of the 1st Battalion, 117th Infantry, Tennessee National Guard (sic). The appointment was made by Adjutant General Philip I. Brummit. He will report to Colonel HM Candler, Athens, for his duties.

“The first battalion is currently made up of the Knoxville, Johnson City and Athens companies. The fourth company could be formed in Elizabethton, Kingsport or Bristol. “

The Knoxville Sentinel is now published as the Knoxville News-Sentinel. No newspaper was published in Johnson City in 1921.

April 27, 1930: The Johnson City Chronicle reported news of a rock quarry. “The installation of equipment costing over $ 100,000 to prepare for the opening by July 1 of the former John R. Dickey stone quarry at Watauga, which was leased by the Holston Quarry Company from Knoxville, Tennessee, are underway. fifty men are employed in the quarry.

“The quarry, which has not been in operation for some time, along with eighty-six acres of land owned by Mr. Dickey has been leased to the Holston Company, which is capitalized at $ 400,000.

One hundred thousand dollars in 1930 was now worth about $ 1,575,000, then $ 400,000 was now worth about $ 6,300,000. (Source:

April 27, 1947: With a Johnson City data line, The Birmingham News reported: “Saturday had his first road fatality in over two years,” Police Chief WT Wheelock said. WM Reece was killed when his car overturned. The exact number of days without death for the city of 25,000 was not available. “

The Birmingham News was, and still is, a newspaper published in Birmingham, Alabama.

April 27, 1950: The Johnson City Press-Chronicle reported that a man walked away during his arraignment. “An elderly man, handicapped by the loss of an eye, and plagued by many legal and criminal tribulations, left his troubles with the law when he walked away when he was arraigned yesterday against a party of ‘between them, according to a story told by Sheriff Robert L. Hannabas. “

“AL Willoughby, around 60, was sentenced in court for disposing of property mortgaged by Magistrate Fred Hilbert in connection with the purchase of cattle with help from the Production Credit Administration, which is suing.”

The article continued to say, “Willoughby was being held on $ 5,000 bail by Hilbert at the time of his escape from the Jonesboro magistrate’s office,” it was reported.

“State officials have charged him with arson in connection with the burning of his house near Friday’s store in the Twelfth Civilian District several months ago.

“In addition, he allegedly spent around $ 900 in bad checks in Bristol, Va., In connection with the purchase of cattle.”

Willoughby’s legal woes continued. “While in the midst of his legal tangles, Willoughby further complicated the situation by filing a bankruptcy petition, agents said.”

Five thousand dollars in 1950 is now worth about $ 54,500. Nine hundred dollars in 1950 currently has a purchasing power of about $ 9,800. (Source:

April 27, 1960: The Johnson City Press-Chronicle reported: “Dr. Carroll H. Long, W. Locust St., will be president of the Tennessee chapter of the American College of Surgeons next year. “

“He was elected to this position at the group’s recent convention held in Nashville. He will take office next year in the meantime as president-elect.

April 27, 1971: The Johnson City Press-Chronicle praised Steve Lacy in an op-ed. In part, the editorial read, “No one gave Milligan College more undiluted dedication than Steve Lacy.”

“And as a friend put it very well, he was ‘a little more Milligan’ than anyone else, a little more ready and willing to go the extra mile.

“This brings us to the new country house to be built in Milligan (indecipherable) donated by the Phillips Family Trust of Pennsylvania. Given the privilege of naming the new facility, the Phillips family did not hesitate. Word came, “We haven’t even considered any name except Steve Lacy. “

The editorial concluded: “A host of Mr. Lacy’s friends at home and abroad warmly endorse him. It is a recognition richly deserved and bestowed with love. “

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