Tornos News | Press article: despite the rise in COVID-19, Greece will not tighten health measures


A persuasive campaign to get people vaccinated has largely failed, with the COVID-19 pandemic persisting in Greece, but the government will not make vaccinations mandatory or add additional health restrictions.

The new Minister of Health, Thanks Plevris, who has no experience in the field, has rejected any idea of ​​hardening despite the spread of the coronavirus by anti-vaccines and the rise of the Delta variant from India.

He also set aside concerns from the advisory group of doctors and government scientists about a possible fourth wave of coronavirus in the fall and warnings that children will be overwhelmed.

Prime Minister and Head of New Democracy Kyriakos Mitsotakis has diverted his attention from the pandemic to stimulate the economy and push back against criticism of his handling of the health crisis.

This has led him to demand injections only for health workers and no others, including teachers and school staff, despite fears that classes will be closed if the coronavirus spreads to more than half of the students. .

“We are here to inform,” Plevris said during a visit to the northern port city of Thessaloniki, a stronghold of New Democracy where the government has nonetheless struggled to convince people to get vaccinated, Kathimerini said.

Plevris and his deputy Mina Gaga – a doctor who is also president of the European Respiratory Society – met with local officials earlier to brief them on the failure of the fight to fend off the rebounding pandemic.

It happened after a parent disrupted the functioning of a local school, threatening teachers and a school principal after his son was banned from going to class because he would not wear a mask or would not produce a negative self-test.

Only just over 56% of Greece’s population of 10.7 million have been fully immunized, far less than the 70% that health experts say is needed to slow the pandemic that could last up to fall and beyond.


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