UGA students forced to find new accommodation after delays at Athens apartment complex – 95.5 WSB

ATHENS, Georgia — University of Georgia students are scrambling and worried after a local apartment complex again delayed their move in.

During the initial delay, the resort housed the students in hotels, but on Saturday that ends.

Work crews wearing hard hats and large gear move through the William Apartments near the UGA campus.

“There’s not a full building in sight,” said UGA student Hayden Odum.

Perhaps nearly 340 other UGA students who paid deposits and rent to move into this new construction community might not move in.

The students were supposed to move in just days before the start of the fall semester, more than a month ago.

“It has been extremely difficult for everyone’s mental health here. We are all trying to finish our schoolwork,” Odum said.

The system put in place by the management of the apartment resulted in the students living with a different person overnight.

“I was placed with basically a stranger in a room. I had no idea about it. I didn’t have time to prepare,” said Annie Axelsson.

In a statement posted on the institution’s website, students were informed in part that “delays are due to material and labor shortages.”

“You have one working day to try to find a place for your child to live, it’s just mission impossible,” said Jim Coyle.

Students had the option of receiving money to help them find accommodation for the time being or they could terminate their tenancy without penalty.

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