Unique villa in Monemvasia steeped in history for sale in Greece

Monemvasia. Credit: Villa Monopati

A villa in Monemvasia, the Peloponnese is perhaps one of the most sought after properties in the Greek real estate market today.

Due to the limited number of historic properties available in Monemvasia, the oldest permanently inhabited walled city in Europe, real estate opportunities are scarce and hard to find.

the villa named “Monopati,”Built and lovingly restored within the walls of the medieval castle, is currently on the market. This unique property faces the sea, with a panoramic view of the crystal clear waters and the impressive ancient stone houses and churches built into the walls of the fortress of Monemvasia.

villa monopati monemvasia
The view from Villa Monopati in Monemvasia. Credit: Villa Monopati

Greco-Canadian war surgeon Chris Giannou, the property’s co-seller, who has served in many conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia and Somalia, sought out this exclusive location.

“After witnessing massive destruction in war zones, the medieval Kastro of Monemvasia reminds us that beauty and serenity also exist in this world, a place to sit and listen to the silence,” he says. Greek journalist.

Giannou says Villa Monopati is the perfect retreat, offering three distinct residences; the main house with an adjacent guest apartment plus two small guest houses, two of which open onto a flowered courtyard.

Villa Monopati a rare opportunity in Monemvasia

villa monopati monemvasia
Villa Monopati, nestled in the cliffs of Monemvasia. Credit: Villa Monopati

Due to its breathtaking views and Byzantine architecture, Monemvasia has long been a favorite destination for artists and writers wishing to be inspired by their unique surroundings. Villa Monopati would be an exceptional base for creatives looking to collaborate and work in such an extraordinary place, says Giannou.

The main house of the property has a beautiful stone staircase, high ceilings and traditional wooden details. The main living room features elegant bookcases along the wall as well as a cozy fireplace, making the house the perfect vacation spot in all seasons.

Tall windows bathe the house in Greece’s famous golden sun and imbue the entire house with warmth. An updated modern kitchen opens onto a large terrace with stunning panoramic views of the sea and the historic town below. The lower level of the house has a double bedroom and a spacious bathroom which was renovated in 2018.

Villa Monemvasia
Villa Monopati in Monemvasia. Credit: Villa Monopati

The property’s studio, which also doubles as a guest bedroom, has a magnificent stone archway that separates the living room from the bedroom and bathroom. And its beautiful terrace offers spectacular views of the castle and the sea.

The entrance to the apartment is through a cobbled alley, providing a perfect vantage point where one can sit outside and enjoy the calm of the starry summer nights. It consists of a living room, a double bedroom and a single bedroom and a bathroom.

The third residence of the property is the “Petite Maison” with its two small terraces, fully equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and two bedrooms, built in a charming local style with traditional stones and wooden moldings. .

Due to its prime location in a city popular with Greek and foreign visitors, the value of this property is bound to increase over time, explains Giannou. The property could be used as a private home or as a viable business opportunity in the tourism industry, he adds.

Monemvasia has experienced a resurgence in importance with an increasing number of tourists visiting the site and the region.

The charming town is made up of a labyrinth of winding cobblestone streets that can only be walked through on foot. Medieval buildings have been restored and many of them have been turned into hotels, artisan shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants. It has become an ideal romantic hideaway and a honeymoon destination.

Author Ann Eldridge, in her book “Monemvasia – People. Place. Presence ”, shares his personal experience:“ The pure beauty of Monemvasia was evident, but living here I found deeper charms. The world inside the wall is a microcosm, a complete world in which we all have a place… ”

For more details on the villa, follow the link: WWW.VILLA-SALE-MONEMVASIA.COM

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