What is credit scoring?

You earn well and you want to take a loan, but you are refused by the bank? You don’t get a loan even though you don’t have any other financial obligations? It is very likely that the bank checked your history at the Credit Information Bureau and found very low credit scoring. Scoring is nothing more than a point method of credit risk assessment that indicates and helps determine our creditworthiness. Important for our assessment is how we meet our obligations, i.e., whether we pay all loans on time, pay interest, how much savings we have, and how high our monthly salary is. It is worth noting that credit scoring does not depend only on us. The system compares our profile with the profiles of other clients. The better we do compared to others, the better our assessment.


Determine credit scoring

Determine credit scoring

When determining scoring, data such as:

  • profession,
  • education,
  • housing status,
  • period of residence at the current address,
  • amount of monthly income,
  • owning a telephone
  • age and marital status,
  • bank accounts held,
  • having life insurance
  • owning a car
  • payment cards held,
  • period of employment in the same enterprise,
  • employment period in the current position.



Each credit scoring is a dynamic value

credit score

It is constantly changing, it is always calculated when someone asks BIK about the client’s status. Factors lowering our number of points include, among others: exceeding the credit limit, delays and their length in loan repayment, number of loans with repayment delays or the amount of repayment with which we are late. Scoring presents itself in two forms: stars (from 1 to 5) or points (from 192 to 631). The average for Poland is 528.8 points When our scoring decreases due to late payment, it will only be reset after three years of performance. We can check Scoring by asking BIK for a report with a creditworthiness assessment. Currently, BIK allows you to set up a Trial Account and test it for 60 days for free. So if you want to check your credibility in the eyes of the bank before taking a loan, please contact us. Our specialists are waiting to advise you!

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